The LFL Team is here to bring you everything you want and need for the discovery and pursuit of your very own fit life. We want to share our passions to help you embrace every element of yourself and your surroundings. Your journey of health & happiness must always come from within, but we believe in creating a community of greatness to foster the big picture. The LFL Team is constantly growing, so we hope you stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

Rachel Barker
Founder & The Love Fit Lifer

Rachel Barker

Although Rachel has always been full of energy and highly active, it wasn’t until 2009 that she actually started caring about her own health & happiness. Since then, she’s discovered a passion for loving herself through exercise, eating right, finding balance and exploring all the positive things the world has to offer. She’s a firm believer in taking action and the power of feeling incredible, every moment of everyday. While she maintains a full time job doing commercial property management, Rachel is also the Marketing Coordinator and an Instructor for Pure Barre Pasadena. Outside of work, Rachel volunteers in the Pasadena community, spends time with her family and friends, explores the beauty of life and strives to work hard, stay motivated and improve the lives of herself and those around her. As someone who’s constantly busy and being pulled in several different directions, she knows first hand how challenging it can be to make yourself a priority. Rachel wants you to know that YOU ARE WORTH IT and that feeling better starts whenever you’re ready to move forward.


Lila Kooklan
The Glam Grad

Lila KooklanLila is a graduate student who’s always looking for a way to bring more positivity and balance to her life. Most days you can find her on campus teaching, doing research, and mentoring her students. All of this barely leaves time for anything else, which is why Lila is on a personal mission to figure out the best strategies for eating healthy and staying fit as a grad student. If she’s not on campus, she can likely be found sweating it out on her yoga mat, eating ethnic foods, or watching “Emotional BBC TV Shows based on Books Featuring a Strong Female Lead” on Netflix–although, she also enjoys a good dose of Real Housewives of New Jersey every now and again to remind her why she loves her friends so much. She’s excited to share her experiences and to bring a new, grad student inspired twist to LFL!

Megan Kwee
The Aussie Globetrotter

Megan Kwee

Megan, or Megs as she’s called by most, is a born and raised native of Melbourne, Australia. She’s a kind hearted free spirit who’s sure to win you over the moment you meet her. She loves delicious food and drinks, primarily tapas with cider in the summer and dumplings with Pinot in the winter, and can always be found surrounded by friends. Music fills her soul through and through and she thrives on indie music, live music shows and the liberating feeling of dance. Most recently, she became engaged to the most amazing man in the world and they are expecting their first bundle of joy! Megs can’t wait to share her experiences of an active and healthy lifestyle outside the U.S. and her journey to becoming a wife and mother. Not sure you could be sober and avoid temptation for almost a whole year or more? Megs will help you discover that you CAN and most importantly, that you can love yourself and your life along the way!

Tiffany Erica Yoshida
The OC Globetrotter

Tiffany YoshidaTiffany is a one of a kind world wonder whose positive presence and natural vibrance is undeniable. Her list of life loves and must haves includes Golden Retrievers, Fighting Irish football, wine, family & friends, everything food (nutrition, healthy eating, cooking, dining out, finding and trying new restaurants), traveling, practicing yoga, volunteering, nonprofit organizations, music & symphony, hiking and discovering new passions & activities. She maintains an active lifestyle and finds inspiration on a daily basis from motivational quotes, movers and shakers, surrounding herself with positive individuals, exploring life’s beauty and healthy activities both known and yet to be revealed. She can’t wait to contribute to The LFL Team and encourage others to become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Sydney Nichols
The Fit Life Kitchen

Sydney NicholsSydney is a native Angeleno who loves good food, beautiful design, and her bulldog mix, Bogie. She discovered the awesomeness of fitness and healthy eating in 2011 when she and her boyfriend decided to shape up their eating and exercising habits and she hasn’t looked back since. She enjoys spinning, hiking, pilates, and yoga, and loves her healthy days just as much as her cheat days. Sydney is creative director and co-founder of ArdentLife Media, a graphic design and social media agency, and by day she looks over Hollywood as a graphic designer for Capitol Records. She is thrilled to join the LFL team and to share and explore the world of healthy eating with LFL readers.

The DJ

B-RayBen Ramos aka B-Ray or BdashRay is a Los Angeles native who loves everything music. He’s been playing and creating sounds since a young age and is described by his peers as a renaissance man who loves all aspects of music and is involved in everything from writing and composition to engineering, producing and performing live. His solid foundation of Hip-Hop has grown and evolved into a unique style that fuses Hip-Hop, Reggae, Funk, EDM, Dub/Rootstep, Mash-ups and any other genre, cadence or rhythm that inspires him. Check out his website for everything B-Ray and tune into The LFL Radio for his custom mixes that are perfect for any sweat sesh that gets you moving and motivated.


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