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Labor Day Love Fest – Party with a Plan

Labor Day weekend is here, which means it’s time to┬áprepare for a party that won’t leave us bloated, breaking the scale or beyond repair. As my health and fitness journey has continued to unfold, I’ve found myself focused more and more on how I feel instead of fitting into the perfect 6 pack or pair […]

What’s Cooking This Week?! 3 Recipes to Get You Going!

You know the story. You wake up, tired from….life. You somehow get through all the odds and ends that have to happen before and then during your long day of….life. The clock strikes dinner and you’re starving, exhausted and entirely too ready for bed… but that’s life. The light at the end of the tunnel? […]

Party On, Wayne!

With increasing health comes higher chances of experiencing a gnarly hangover. You know the story, you’ve been hitting it hard at the gym, keeping your diet in check and reminding yourself that pool party season is coming. Finally, you’re as bikini ready as you’ll be and the first glorious party weekend hits – HAPPY MEMORIAL […]

The Perfect Pretender

Somehow, I’ve skated by being relatively in shape my entire life. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve thought I deserved to be more overweight based on my behavior. While I’ve always been active and energetic, I’ve also been a total roller coaster. I suppose I have my genetics and persistence to thank […]

The Fit Life Goes On Vacation

A few months ago when my friend Erin told me she was going on vacation with the mindset of staying healthy along the way, I couldn’t contain my excitement! Staying fit and active on the road is something almost everyone struggles with, myself included. I asked her to write about her journey and how she […]

Hot Bod In A Blender

Ever since Juice Farm opened up in Old Town Pasadena, my love for a kick-ass smoothie has been reborn. I always enjoy a fantastic juice (like the ones I make at home and those sold in the adorable glass bottles at this great new hotspot), but their smoothie combinations instantly got me going. Actually, it […]


Summer is just around the corner and this year, it’s all about Brazilian bikinis and bootylicious babes. No matter how much junk you have in the trunk, there’s room for improvement and as the largest muscle in your body, it deserves a fair amount of attention. The gem in my jeans has always been part […]