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Home Sweet Home

As I watched her hand frivolously scribble down notes and numbers, I suddenly wondered what she was thinking. I know she’s been looking for a place to live alone, but these stats are too big for something solo… Before my mind could wander too far, she hung up the phone and our eyes met with […]

Inspiration in the Flesh

Witnessing a gorgeous woman in killer shape walking down the street or a fierce fit chick pumping iron used to make my blood boil. Ew. Seriously? What a nerve that girl has, I’d think. Walking around like she’s better than everyone…. looking good wearing anything…. seriously, can you please?!?!?!  One day I woke up and […]

7 Sunday Assignments

Sundays are the perfect day to prepare for the week ahead. When you’re in school, working full-time, taking care of a family and taking over the world one awesome adventure at a time, being ready for whatever comes your way is vital. Add these 7 simple assignments to your Sunday, or whatever free day you […]