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5 Ways to Eat Healthy on Campus

It’s no secret…eating out is the fastest way to extra pounds, belly bloat, and reduced energy. Unfortunately, fast meals on campus are also the preferred method of food consumption by grad students all over. In my experience, its always better to prep your lunch and take it to campus (thanks…I know I’m great at stating […]

Inspiration in the Flesh

Witnessing a gorgeous woman in killer shape walking down the street or a fierce fit chick pumping iron used to make my blood boil. Ew. Seriously? What a nerve that girl has, I’d think. Walking around like she’s better than everyone…. looking good wearing anything…. seriously, can you please?!?!?!  One day I woke up and […]

Resolutions Redefined

At a certain point, we grow restless. We yearn for discovery, development and worlds where dreams really do come true. We stop and wonder if it’s truly possible…. if we’ll wake up one day as the person we’ve always hoped to be. Somewhere deep down, we know that the moment we believe it will be […]

The Brain Re-Train

What often starts as a clear intention can quickly disappear into passed time and lost priorities. As we lay to rest each night, we remind and encourage ourselves that things will be different the next day, but quickly awake to an unchanged monotony that becomes missed opportunities. Sadly, these moments of failure forge a wall […]

7 Sunday Assignments

Sundays are the perfect day to prepare for the week ahead. When you’re in school, working full-time, taking care of a family and taking over the world one awesome adventure at a time, being ready for whatever comes your way is vital. Add these 7 simple assignments to your Sunday, or whatever free day you […]

Prep for Success: Hungry for More!

Once upon a Sunday, The Love Fit Life began with new week ahead and a hunger for more. A desire to dream bigger, do better and  thrive longer led to getting it all down on paper. Since that day, the journey has grown, developed and changed into something beautifully unanticipated. While my daily fit life […]