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Planes, Trains & A World Needing Change

Luckily, I don’t have to travel much for work. While I love getting away, lugging my life around in bags and defensively blocking my way through crowds of tired, rude and testy people isn’t something I enjoy all the time. As usual though, several work responsibilities arose at the same time and stuck me with […]

Curious About Calories

Calorie counting is something I’ve done off and on throughout the years. It’s one of my favorite hot topics to bring up with friends, because almost everyone has a strong opinion about it… “Do you REALLY think that works?!” “OK, but do you really count everything??” “Dude, just eat as much as you want as […]

The Perfect Pretender

Somehow, I’ve skated by being relatively in shape my entire life. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve thought I deserved to be more overweight based on my behavior. While I’ve always been active and energetic, I’ve also been a total roller coaster. I suppose I have my genetics and persistence to thank […]

Baby Steps to Your Best Body Ever

Fact: You want the body of your dreams. Fact: You don’t love the idea of changing every single thing about your life to get there. Fact: Focusing on baby steps will help you see results in a heartbeat!! Fiction: You can’t do it…. DUHHH, YOU TOTALLY CAN!!! It’s time to throw your excuses out the […]

The Garden Veggies Salad Juice

Every week or two when I’m low on groceries and about the hit the store to reload, I pull out a variety of produce in my fridge that’s on its last legs. I don’t like wasting food, but I’d rather prepare crisp and fresh veggies to eat so I end up juicing these last few […]

Girl Power

I don’t what’s happening in the universe, but it feels like too many of us strong incredible women are in a funk these days. No disrespect to all you sexy handsome lads out there, but us ladies have a lot on our plates! Between family, friends, work, relationships, wellness and wondering about where life is […]

6 Months Sober… and Counting!

The Love Fit Life is so proud to announce our Aussie Globetrotter Megan is a new mom!! Since her first guest piece, Live From Australia, Megs has been busy preparing for and welcoming adorable baby Ari into the world, and of course, staying as healthy and happy as ever. A few month before Ari was […]