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A Healthier & Happier Thanksgiving Holiday

As we approach another glorious overeating holiday, we reflect on where we are, what we’re thankful for and what dishes will take us most quickly into a state of ultimate food coma. For many, Thanksgiving is the start of an annual destruction of our fit life routine. We eat way too much, expand our stomach […]

A Menu To Please The Masses

Cooking, food and figuring out what fuels you can vary greatly¬†from person to person. Some of us love cooking and some of us hate it. Recipes may be required while flying by the seat of your pants could be preferred. Based on our goals in mind and preferences at hand, we set out on projects […]

Planes, Trains & A World Needing Change

Luckily, I don’t have to travel much for work. While I love getting away, lugging my life around in bags and defensively blocking my way through crowds of tired, rude and testy people isn’t something I enjoy all the time. As usual though, several work responsibilities arose at the same time and stuck me with […]

Inspiration in the Flesh

Witnessing a gorgeous woman in killer shape walking down the street or a fierce fit chick pumping iron used to make my blood boil. Ew. Seriously? What a nerve that girl has, I’d think. Walking around like she’s better than everyone…. looking good wearing anything…. seriously, can you please?!?!?!¬† One day I woke up and […]

Fitness Family Creation

Chances are, if you’re not living a fit life, you’re surrounded by family and friends who aren’t either. Don’t worry, that’s normal… Unfortunately, it’s really hard to take the “grab a gym buddy to get motivated” advice seriously when you have no one in your phone book who will willingly fill that role. Again… don’t […]