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A Healthier & Happier Thanksgiving Holiday

As we approach another glorious overeating holiday, we reflect on where we are, what we’re thankful for and what dishes will take us most quickly into a state of ultimate food coma. For many, Thanksgiving is the start of an annual destruction of our fit life routine. We eat way too much, expand our stomach […]

Party On, Wayne!

With increasing health comes higher chances of experiencing a gnarly hangover. You know the story, you’ve been hitting it hard at the gym, keeping your diet in check and reminding yourself that pool party season is coming. Finally, you’re as bikini ready as you’ll be and the first glorious party weekend hits – HAPPY MEMORIAL […]

Fitness Foodies [Pasadena Edition]

I never forget how lucky I am to live in such a health conscious community. California, as a whole, is on a totally different wellness planet than most places and I’m so fortunate to call this crazy place my home. Since growing up in South Pasadena and moving back to Pasadena a few years back, […]

The Perfect Pretender

Somehow, I’ve skated by being relatively in shape my entire life. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve thought I deserved to be more overweight based on my behavior. While I’ve always been active and energetic, I’ve also been a total roller coaster. I suppose I have my genetics and persistence to thank […]

Captain Craving

I’ve always struggled to eat healthy all day everyday. Of course, I blame my cravings. I’m a mood eater… I think about what I want to eat and I eat it. Since starting my fit life journey, that emotional process has been controlled and streamlined quite a bit to focus on healthier choices, but ultimately, I still […]

6 Months Sober… and Counting!

The Love Fit Life is so proud to announce our Aussie Globetrotter Megan is a new mom!! Since her first guest piece, Live From Australia, Megs has been busy preparing for and welcoming adorable baby Ari into the world, and of course, staying as healthy and happy as ever. A few month before Ari was […]

The Demons of Didn’t

Like a bad dream I can’t shake, it gets worse when my eyes close. I fidget faster by the second and notice my freshly polished nails are now broken and battered. All I can think about is another bite… another sip… one more indulgence won’t hurt, right?? I make a fist, take a deep breath […]