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Fitness Foodies [Pasadena Edition]

I never forget how lucky I am to live in such a health conscious community. California, as a whole, is on a totally different wellness planet than most places and I’m so fortunate to call this crazy place my home. Since growing up in South Pasadena and moving back to Pasadena a few years back, […]

5 Ways to Eat Healthy on Campus

It’s no secret…eating out is the fastest way to extra pounds, belly bloat, and reduced energy. Unfortunately, fast meals on campus are also the preferred method of food consumption by grad students all over. In my experience, its always better to prep your lunch and take it to campus (thanks…I know I’m great at stating […]

Curious About Calories

Calorie counting is something I’ve done off and on throughout the years. It’s one of my favorite hot topics to bring up with friends, because almost everyone has a strong opinion about it… “Do you REALLY think that works?!” “OK, but do you really count everything??” “Dude, just eat as much as you want as […]

Fancy Food From Home – Langostino Quesadillas

In the mood for something delightfully tasty made from the comfort of your own kitchen?? You’re in luck! Grab these few simple ingredients and whip up something that will make you feel fancy, fresh and filled with food joy! Langostino Quesadillas with Mangos & Cilantro I always keep a frozen bag of Shrimp or Langostino […]

Creativity in the Kitchen

I used to look at Pinterest recipes and cookbooks and laugh. Good try, guys… as if I time for all those fancy food fantasies. Instead, I focused on fresh food that I knew was simple to prepare. Chicken breast and steamed veggies were my homemade staples that made me feel like I was accomplishing a […]

Sexy Time With Spaghetti Squash

In case you haven’t noticed, The Love Fit Life is all about FOOOOOD these days! Since I’m constantly busy beyond belief and I don’t have an oven at home (which is usually my preferred method of cooking), I gravitate towards take out and quick meals more often than I’d like to admit. That’s just not […]

The Holiday Quinoa Salad

Every Thanksgiving, I try to bring a new healthy dish to the table. After all, the holidays are a time of delicious food, giving thanks and getting a little bit creative. This year, my new holiday dish was inspired by the ingredients usually found alongside the turkey…. cranberries & stuffing! Of course, we had the […]