Instant Pot Recipe // Basic Black Beans

I’ve been loving my Instant Pot for a while now. I tend to be a great basics-instapotter. A big pot of something simple, yet delicious, that can be mixed and matched a bunch of different ways as the days progress. Doing so comes naturally because I’m so busy and impatient, but it also helps me stay motived, instead of discouraged by complex recipes, and it keeps my constantly shifting cravings and food boredom satisfied.

Beans from scratch are frequently on the agenda. Why? Because they’re good, good for you, filling and super fun to make in the Instant Pot. Fun? Yes, I said it – fun! I think it’s fun to decide last minute on Sunday night that you want to make beans and realize that YOU CAN and it totally doesn’t matter that you didn’t plan ahead and soak those suckers!

Let’s get down on it 💪🎉❤👍

Instant Pot Basic-Fucking-Delicious Black Beans:

+ 1 lb bag of black beans (unsoaked – rinse and pick out yucky beans)

+ 8 cups broth (2 #traderjoes box artons of chicken broth is what I used #bomb)

+ 1 teaspoon sea salt

Load up the Instant Pot…
Seal, set for Manual 25 min…
Kick the fuck back while that shit cooks…
When done, leave off but closed up still for 20 minutes…
Open, eat, mind blown.


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