Easy Oil Cleansing That’ll Have You HOOKED!


The first essential oil I bought was Lavender. I decided to make bath salts for Christmas gifts – fill mason jars with epsom salt, add 3-4 drops of Lavender essential oil, put a cute piece of cloth and twine on the top and BAM. DIY budget badass gift in a jiffy. After that project was done, about .0001% of my Lavender bottle was used. I’d heard it went a long way but the bottle was so cute and small – I had no idea it would last me forever! Since I loved the epsom salt gifts I’d made, I kept adding epsom salt and Lavender drops to my baths at home. One day, I ran out of epsom salt and just put a few drops of oil directly into the tub. Mamma liked. From there, I went through a phase of terrible dandruff, dry skin and what seemed like a type of psoriasis along my hairline. It was terrible, uncomfortable and embarrassing, to say the least! Per usual, I hate steroids and pills, so I was determined to find a holistic solution. One evening on the Internet, I fell down the rabbit hole and landed on essential oil recipes and combinations that were sworn to solve my exact ailments. In fact, there were recipes and combinations to treat what seemed like every ailment on the planet… and to clean your house, freshen your life in a hundred different ways, improve your diet, and the list is endless – you name it, essential oils has a solution for it! I ran to Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen the next day to get my oils and say goodbye to my bad sad skin sorrows. I remember looking at the wall of essential oils and thinking, Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?! I looked at the price tags for the small little bottles and knew I couldn’t afford a cabinet full on my first visit. I combed through the recipes I’d found and determined the common oils. Which oils were always or often used for my ailments, even across different recipes and opinions on the Internet. I left with 5 essential oils, two little empty jars with droppers in the top and a bill of about $50. I ran home, made my concoction, dropped it along my hairline, massaged it in, repeated nightly and haven’t had skin problems since. That was give or take a year ago. Going through that process and seeing the almost immediate results….after WEEKS of nothing working…made me hungry for more. The universe simultaneously brought me together with a now great friend who, you guessed it, loves oil cleansing. She’d been doing it for years and shared her amazing tips on what had worked and what hadn’t. She bounced ideas off of my trials and errors and now, I’ve settled into an oil cleansing routine that I’m absolutely addicted to. I’ve been doing it for almost a year and every time I break away from oil cleansing for more than 2-3 days, my skin goes right back to breakouts, dry skin, tired dull bleh face and beyond. I’m addicted, hooked and hell no never going back to expensive, toxic, terrible skin care products from the store.

WTF is Oil Cleansing? Ditch your make-up removers, face washes and moisturizers and let oil combinations do all the work. You’ll need a few oils to get started, a washcloth and water. At first, I did it morning and night. Now, I only do it at night because my skin only needs it once a day. Some nights, if I haven’t worn make-up during the day, I just need a splash of water and no oil or cleansing at all! Remember that different oils work well for different people, varying skin types and specific ailments so don’t hesitate to look around online, ask friends, talk to health store associates and find other opinions.


The Everyday Oil Cleansing Combo

Find your base: Your base 1 or 2 oils will be the bulk of your jar. I like to split my base, half Coconut Oil (2 spoonfuls, melted) and half Avocado Oil (2 spoonfuls). Coconut Oil is great, but going solo on it dried out my skin too much. Olive Oil is another popular one, but I personally don’t like the smell on my face. Some others to explore are Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Argan Oil and Safflower Oil.

Add a drop of Castor Oil – a small drop. All you need is about the size of a q-tip head or smaller. I’ve found this oil is essential (ba-dum-chhhh). But really, when I’ve left it out, it’s just not the same. The cleansing effect isn’t as powerful, for my skin at least.

Drop In Your Essential Oils: My favorite essential oils to add are Lavender and Frankincense. Both smell great, have soothing effects on the skin and throughout the body and are common threads when it comes to recipes treating inflammation, redness, irritation, damaged and temperamental skin and more. I’ve tried others, but always come back to this combination. I add 1-2 drops of Frankincense (it’s strong, 3 drops is typically too powerful) and 4-6 drops of Lavender (4 if you don’t want the scent as strong, 6 if you like it a little more aromatic).

Make sure your base oils are liquid – Coconut Oil usually needs to sit out and liquify or zap it in the microwave before you mix the rest in. In any cute little jar or tupperware you have on hand, add your base oils and mix gently, add your Castor Oil and Essential Oils of choice, mix gently and you’re ready to go. That jar will last you weeks. It will likely harden if you use this recipe with Coconut Oil. I don’t mind it hardened (once it’s all initially mixed) and kind of like it because it’s a bit easier to grab. All you need to use is about 2-3 fingertips dipped in the jar – that’s it!


The Steps to Cleanse:
Once you’ve made your mix, jump in the bath or step up to your trusty ol’ sink and get cleansing!

  • Rinse your face with warm water.
  • Soak your washcloth in warm water and cup the wet washcloth over your face.
  • Chill there for a second – allow the warm washcloth to steam open your pores. Allow yourself to calmmmm downnnn and slow your breathing way down. Try to see how calm you can get and how controlled your breathing can become in just a minute or two.
  • Wipe the washcloth lightly against your skin and set aside.
  • Dip 2-3 fingertips in your cleansing oil mix, rub between your hands and massage into your face, around your ears, hairline and neckline. Massage your face a bit more for an even better glow later on.
  • Repeat your washcloth process – soak in warm water, cup around face to steam, relax and breathe, gently wipe your face with the cloth, rinse and repeat. When you wipe your face, be gentle. It’s better to do a few rounds to make sure it’s all cleansed versus scrubbing your face too hard with the washcloth.
  • Pat your face dry, leave it a little dewey and you might not even need moisturizer! If you do need moisturizer, try an Argan Oil based moisturizer or make another mix with everything except the Castor Oil – with that combination, you can apply a very small fingertip amount to your face after cleansing for a moisturizer replacement before bed.

To your glowing, blemish free skin that no longer needs store bought bullshit,


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