The LFL Book Club – Food For Thought

Gone are the days of one size fits all health and fitness. While we go in waves where more than usual are following a certain regime, we’re pretty diverse these days. At least here in California, we can eat however we want. Extra large eggs, no eggs, all organic, some meat, no meat, fish lover, tree hugger, animal style, something you swear is better for your health and beyond. We can do one workout with diehard dedication or ClassPass our way to something different everyday. Indoors, outdoors, body weight only, pumping iron for hours, honing into our namaste or trying that new class down the way.

So, THAT’S GREAT! But where exactly does that leave us when we aren’t quite sure where we fit in? With so many options and opinions, it’s hard to know what we’re into. Not only that, but we have to find what really fuels our fire. A deep rooted motivation, powered by personal beliefs in what we’re trying to achieve. The solution? Soak up as much knowledge as you can; Talk to friends and family, create more dialogue with co-workers, read about what’s out there, take everything in with an open mind and a grain of salt and above all else, get out there and give things a try.

So let’s start small. One book at a time. Maybe we swap out a half hour show a few nights a week and wind down with more reading. Maybe we already power through pages and pages everyday, so we can help pass on those recommendations of the good ones we find. The focus is feeling what’s out there and finding something that could help us transform into the healthier and happier person we’re meant to be!



The Perfect Health Diet (PHD) was recommended to me by my ultra-fit-full-of-positive-energy-all-the-time friend, Brad Hill. Brad also created Cookuary – a challenge worth checking out that will get you into the kitchen, away from eating out and totally in love with healthy whole food options in only a month.

PHD is all about science. You’ll devour easy to follow facts about our ancestors, medical histories as a human race, the development of food sources throughout the course of history and the human anatomy. Harvard Scientists Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet lay out a lifestyle eating plan that very naturally optimizes health, brings your body to its ideal body weight, boosts the immune system and neutralizes a long list of ailments.

If you’re into anything like Paleo, Whole30, eliminating allergens, increasing digestive health, clearing up skin, losing weight without feeling deprived, decreasing anxiety and stress, and feeling a whole lot better, this is a book worth reading.

To your hunger for knowledge and powerful pages that inspire you to thrive,


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