What’s Cooking This Week?! 3 Recipes to Get You Going!

You know the story. You wake up, tired from….life. You somehow get through all the odds and ends that have to happen before and then during your long day of….life. The clock strikes dinner and you’re starving, exhausted and entirely too ready for bed… but that’s life. The light at the end of the tunnel? Remembering that life is worth living joyfully and the Monday blues are better when beaten with something delicious!

Let’s get ready for a new week with an incredible line up of healthy, tasty and totally easy to prepare dishes. The best part of all? Make extra each time you cook and create lovable leftovers for lunches!

2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken

Shredded salsa chicken from the Crockpot is one of my favorites! Aside from being so simple to make, it’s super budget friendly and tastes great!! It’s a flexible filling for tacos, sandwiches, wraps, salads and so much more so grab some chicken breast, your favorite salsa and follow this beautifully easy recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Simple, easy and delicious shrimp is definitely a weekday go-to! I love a fresh shrimp taco with some green cabbage, salsa verde, cilantro and lime or leftover cold shrimp with fresh avocado and field greens. I typically stick with a traditional lemon and garlic shrimp recipe like this great one from RasaMalaysia because it goes with literally anything and requires little in the way of extra ingredients. Grab your skillet and let’s get shrimpin!

Grilled Vegetables

A crazy little So Cal summer storm won’t stop me from enjoying the season! Even if I can’t get outside, George Foreman and I get along very well and we need the rain 🙂 Grilled veggies are a fast and tasty go to when salads get tiring and busy times require wonderful ingredients that can be enjoyed immediately or as leftovers. Mix and match your favorite veggies and even pre-boil some sweet potatoes to make them a fast and fabulous BBQ buddy. Check out this simple recipe by the always trusty Food Network and let’s get grilling!

To a delicious week no matter what’s thrown your way,


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