The Bring on the Summer Challenge #FatKiller40

For many of us, warm summer days of no work and all play are over. We have a weekend getaway or a pool party BBQ that we want to look bangin’ for, but that’s about it. Yah yah, we like to have fun, but we got bills and shit! On top of all the adult nonsense and responsibilities to balance, somehow, 5 or 10 years have slipped by and any hope we once had of staying slim without effort is out the window. Very few of us seem to successfully conquer balanced healthy living all year round, which means we have to wake up and get to work at some point.

My summer is set to start off with a girls trip to Vegas. Talk about motivation to make things happen! I haven’t been to Vegas in years and I absolutely want to look and feel my very best. This trip and my chance to fully embrace my bikini body confidence is exactly 40 days away. Time to take on my next incredible challenge and spend the next 6 weeks shredding like never before!!! Here’s the plan #FatKiller40…. Let’s get fierce, SHALL WE?!?


Since completing the Whole30, I’ve been researching health programs, eating plans, nutritional beliefs and body transformations in a whole new way. It’s fascinating to read about the wide range of opinions, options and scientific evidence out there designed to help people lose weight, work through body and health challenges, open and explore the mind, make long lasting new habits and more. The Whole30 has definitely spiked my interest in whole foods – I’m more motivated to move away from processed foods, fillers and useless ingredients added to the things we eat everyday. Being introduced to the Perfect Health Diet by friend and Cookuary Founder, Brad Hill felt so fitting after the Whole30 and I’m fired up to give it a go.

Microsoft PowerPoint - Food Plate.ppt

Often, I’ll talk to people who preach on “just eating healthy” instead of taking on timed challenges or new and clearly defined eating programs. While I whole heartedly agree that’s the best way to go, it just doesn’t seem to be working for me. I often lose sight of what that even means, what my goals are and not surprisingly, one unhealthy meal becomes two and then twenty. Taking on programs like the PHD gives me guidelines and helps me through a more controlled challenge without wiggle room to make excuses. At the end of it all, it’s about finding what fits your needs and your lifestyle. If you’re the kind of person that can say, I’m just not going to eat bread, then by all means! If you want to calorie count or cut out everything processed, that’s great! Think about fixating yourself on what you connect with most – follow your instinct and if there’s something you often feel guilty eating or doing, that’s probably a good place to start.

Ask Yourself

Killing fat quickly most definitely requires being on point with both diet and exercise. The truth can be hard to swallow, but we can handle it. To maximize calories burned, toning and taking my body from point A to BOOOYYYAAAHHHHH, I’m implementing a mixed weekly routine. My body requires tough love and likes variety, so keeping things fresh is required if I want to see a difference in my physique. My routine for the next 6 weeks is also based on my community, a crazy work schedule and fitness buddies that will jump on board with me for motivation. Allow my plan to be a jumping off point for you and your weekly mix. Make it work for you and your life – the point is to be tough but realistic and ready for the realities of your schedule.

(1) 3 Mile Run
(2) Pure Barre Classes
(1) Heated Yoga Class
(1) HIIT Workout
(1) Fun Extra Fitness Class (Athleta Community Class, kickboxing, spinning, Zumba, etc…)

Mix & Match HIIT Workout

To showing that fat who’s boss and blasting that shit outta town!


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  1. Hi Rachel, looks like you’re going at it full force! They say failing to plan is planning to fail… and it looks like you have a great plan! Stick to it and I’m sure you’ll be turning some heads in Vegas.

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