Battle of the Brands: Athleta in Every Direction

Between growing up in LA and going to college in Orange County, the battle of the brands has been like the live in house guest of every social setting. The pressure of wearing the right clothes, being perceived as fashionable and sporting the most expensive name brand accessories is forever haunting and a high priority of many. As a practical girl on a budget with minimal interest in being the perfect fashionista, I’ve always felt torn about this never-ending brand battle. I appreciate and respect quality clothing, but don’t have any desire to spend a fortune on it. It wasn’t until I started working out consistently that I started paying more attention.


If you’re doing it right, working out is rough on clothing. Jumping, crunching, sweating and squatting through rough and tumble terrains. My cheap buys were breaking down too soon to be cool with me and I had to start searching for a better solution. To make matters more complicated, I began barre. Somehow, I was supposed to find awesome exercise clothing that would withstand a trail run/stadium workout combo one day and provide delicate strength and flexibility at the barre the next. The struggle was real.

The ultra expensive thigh gap groupie brands still didn’t interest me. Over $100 for spandex? Naw, I’m cool. Some specialty small name brands began to grab my interest, but they hadn’t worked out the kinks yet and often revealed sweat in awkward places.


….And then, Athleta moved into Old Pasadena. Opened and managed by a dedicated group of health and fitness fashionistas who were ready to bring a more affordable quality clothing option to the wonderful people of Pasadena, Athleta brought an element of community, culture and creativity that was incredibly refreshing.

Some of my first interactions with the brand began when I was asked to teach community classes at the store. I absolutely loved the concept of bringing different types of local fitness together to provide free classes for the community. I felt a deep connection to my early days of exploring exercise and remembered finding free workout opportunities on a regular basis to keep me motivated.


The relationship quickly evolved as I discovered the comfort and versatility of their clothing. I could go for a run, jump around and feel secure and then switch gears and get my strength and flexibility going in the studio. Built in bras are incredibly common, which offers the extra support I need and I was surprised to find a high quality look and feel that filled me with confidence.

Now, I wear Athleta for every occasion. From the perfect crop pants to run the Rose Bowl, to my favorite “good for everything” workout top. From the sleek black racerback that always makes my body look bangin and incredible running shorts that don’t ride up, to “going out” shorts, pants and sweaters. Just recently, I discovered their dresses and I feel great, I look great, I’m comfortable, confident and best of all, I’m not breaking my budget.


My love for Athleta as a community store in Pasadena and as a brand in the big picture helps remind me that the battle of the brands is what you make of it. It’s about finding what works for you, your body, your life and your budget. I’ve allowed my heart and mind to open up to others’ interests in clothing and things I once thought were cliche….. because you know what, those perfect pants really do make a difference!!!

Thank you, Athleta, for giving me an endless selection of workout wear that’s comfortable, affordable, fun and fit for all the different sides of me and my crazy life! Thank you for providing a place where people can come together to experience new workouts and meet new people. Thank you for supporting The Love Fit Life and most of all, thank you for being YOU!


To finding what works and feeling your ultimate fabulous,


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