3 Small Swaps for Daily Success

We all want better days, but often struggle getting there. The trick? Try and find small swaps in your daily routine that will give you an extra big boost. Trading in an already used minute for another action leaves us feeling accomplished without being overwhelmed or irritated. We may find discomfort in change at first, but like any healthier life practice, we gain motivation and strength from the positive impact that takes place.

Power Over You

1. Cold Water Wake Up

When you shower (or wash your face or hands), finish in cold water… Even if just for a second. An immediate boost of energy rushes through your body as your pores close and a natural glow is created! Combine exercise with this practice to create the ultimate weapon for wonderful skin. No expensive product, no long ritual or sell your soul solution,  just cold water at end your shower.


2. Vitamin Slump-Defender

Pop a B6/Folic Acid/B12 for your afternoon energy booster. Ditch the extra caffeine and turn this vitamin into your awesome little ally. Sold at Trader Joe’s and designed to melt in your mouth. These little guys pack a big punch and are sure to send you flying through the day with a smile!

Better Tomorrow

3. Unplug & Unwind

End the day without electronic entertainment. Turn off the TV, put your phone away and fall to sleep without stimulation. A more restful sleep is sure to follow and you’ll find yourself increasingly refreshed when you wake up!

It's a Good Day

To creating a better tomorrow, today….


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