The Lunch Break Workout (1 Hour Edition)

Getting outside on my lunch break has been one of the most positive healthy life habits I’ve explored. Prior to letting the lazy bug take over for the last few months, staying active on my lunch breaks single handedly kept me more alert and efficient all afternoon, helped me stay slim and fit without feeling like time was taken out of my day, controlled cravings and overeating, naturally encouraged my water intake and much more.

As I dive into Fabruary, reviving what I’ve done in the past that really made a difference is essential. Too often, we trap ourselves by saying we know this or that will help us feel better, but we don’t move forward into the action phase. If we know, what are we waiting for? If we remember, why do we resist? No matter what’s holding us back, we have to explore ways to find success without settling for less. It takes one uncomfortable step forward…. and then another…. and then shortly thereafter, the benefits begin to unfold and you’ll quickly find yourself in a sea of satisfaction.

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This week, I restarted lunch break workouts in hopes they would give me the boost I’m looking for. Monday was the first one back in action and it was insanity… I was floored by how great I felt. A quick outfit change into capris, a t-shirt and running shoes and then out the door of the office. I had errands to run, but making this outdoor activity happen was a priority so I walked to them. A nice brisk walk got my blood flowing and instantly put me into a state of peace away from the workplace. One store down, still feeling great. Bank all done, time to walk back. Irritated I don’t have a hair tie around my wrist because I want to start running…. SPRINTING, I feel so good!! Walking back into the office feels awesome. What’s happened to me? I’m excited about the emails I know have to get out….

A few minutes to spruce up with a splash of water on my face and my small bag of deodorant, scented body spray, lotion, hairspray and mouthwash. On my way back to my desk, I grab the tupperware of leftovers waiting in the refrigerator and the afternoon flies by without a flinch.

Tuesday comes around and my coworker admits she’s brought her bag today and wants to join. She wants to run. No walking today, we’re getting down with our bad selves. Done! Hair tie is not forgotten and we fly through another amazing lunch break outside.

I can’t stop thinking about how big the difference is. I seem to be having a passionate love affair with lunch break workouts…. Feel the difference for yourself and turn your lunch breaks into an opportunity to be active. Oh, what’s that excuse? Oh right, just something holding you back from being more.

Here’s an hour breakdown to give you an idea of how to fit in all the fun!

The Lunch Break Workout

To your time well spent,


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