The FABRUARY Challenge

It’s a month into the new year and you realize little has changed. Lofty dreams of newfound dedication have been pushed aside by an unaltered love affair with the snooze button. Some small adjustments have been made but nothing close to substantial waves of progress. Instead of welcoming defeat, reflect on your personal truths and the realities at hand. Identify why things haven’t worked and right off the bat, walk away from excuses.

No, it’s not because you work all the time or because of your kids. It’s not because you lack willpower or won’t get support from a spouse. Face your deeply rooted and often frightening personal facts. You didn’t really try that hard. You didn’t cut out things like television to make time for food prep. You’re scared. You’re uncomfortable when real change is presented and your body resists. You’re not ready or willing.

Since many of us struggle to find change for ourselves in fear of selfishness, it can be helpful to reflect on your impact as well. Things like work, kids, family, pets and endless obligations can make us feel like we just do not have the time or resources to dedicate to personal progress. Its the exact opposite though. Our obligations make it even MORE important for us to practice self love and take good care of ourselves. A healthy lifestyle helps you on countless levels in the workplace – increased productivity, awareness, accuracy, etc… Dedication to keeping yourself happy and healthy creates more positive relationships on every levels, leads by example for children to grow up with wellbeing in mind and practice long-term healthy life habits. A balanced body and mind feel less tired and more capable of completing all the various life tasks thrown our way. All around – we’re winning.

positive wall

Once we’ve made it through that process of reflection, we must build up our arsenal of positive ammunition to tackle change. Make of list of WHY you want to create new habits. Why does it matter to you? What are you wanting and why? Dig deep and develop a list you can refer back to when the reality sinks in that change isn’t easy.

Today is a new day and a new opportunity to tackle what challenges you. This February, we’re ready for more. We want change that lasts. We’re willing to push through the discomfort, open our minds and remain flexible while we create lasting habits and healthier life rituals.

Feeling about the same? Join us for an incredible month of positive change and progress. Use the Fabruary guidelines as a foundation to create what works for you and your lifestyle. This is your month to make something happen – your opportunity to show yourself and the world that you won’t quit. It’s time to wake up with a purpose and produce positivity!

The Fabruary ChecklistFabruary Checklist

Hit print on these weekly accountability calendars and keep track of where you’re at!

Week One Calendar


Week Two Calendar


Week Three Calendar


Week Four Calendar


To your progress, your passion and your positive approach to new life priorities,


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