Resolution Resources: 7 Tools to Start Your Year Right

A new year is upon us which means one thing for sure, RESOLUTIONS!! Sure, resolutions might annoy us like mad and chances are, most of us have already blown it…. oops. Overall though, it’s an admirable process and if you’ve already failed, it should be a lesson that the same behaviors will produce the same results. If we continue going through our days the same way, keeping to the same patterns, it will continue sending us down the same path. We have to change routines and step in a another direction – try something new – add or remove certain habits and behaviors that can produce a different and more desirable result on a daily basis.

See Me Progress

The truth of the matter is, we have to find something to help facilitate these changes. Something to motivate us and assist with the accountability process. Here are 7 resources that might fit the bill, but at the end of the day, it all depends on your lifestyle, personal preferences and how you can activate your body and mind to produce more positivity and establish daily action.

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MyFitnessPal is certainly one of the popular kids in town and it’s for good reason. This bad boy app is available for Android or iPhone at no charge and tracks your daily calorie intake, exercise, progress and more. After plugging in your current statistics, you log in food and activities by typing in what you’re looking for or scanning any barcode on packaging. This app was the first time I used the ultra-convenient barcode scanner and it’s truly incredible. No more searching through endless options to find the right food product and serving size! Scan the barcode, verify it’s what you’re looking for and go. Oh and let’s not forget you can socialize with other friends using MyFitnessPal to help keep you motivated while fueling your social media addiction 😉


MyPlate Calorie Tracker by Livestrong
MyPlate by Livestrong was one of the first calorie tracking apps I used way back when and I still go back to it every once in a while when I need a boost. It’s straight forward, easy to use, visually stimulating and also available for Android or iPhone at no cost. See your entire day at a glance and click into each meal or item to add more. The database is extensive so finding your food options aren’t as challenging as many other apps. Plus, MyPlate has been updated to include a barcode scanner just like its main competitor! With even playing fields, the choice can now be made based on style that helps you, personally, succeed. Do you operate better with more detail like MyFitnessPal or more visual stimulation and ease with MyPlate? Maybe try both and see what works best!

Livestrong Snapshot


Habitbull combines breaking bad habits with forming new ones, all while sending positive inspiration and motivation your way for Android users. Create you habits and set the specifics required for completion… What type of habit it is, if it should be completed or not completed daily or a certain number of times a week, reminders, color coding and more. Easily track your success rates and quickly see how well you’re doing on a daily basis.


Way of Life – The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker
The Way of Life habit tracker is the same general concept as Habitbull, but in a more feedback driven way that’s available for iPhone users. Set up the habits you do or do not want to do and track your progress, reasons why you succeeded or failed for that specific day and more. Easily see your progress at a glance and write down all you might need to move past your less than preferable habits and move towards the more favorable ones.

Way of Life


This awesome app will run, walk or both with you on an iPhone or Android while creating your route via GPS the entire way. It’ll track your speed, calories, distance and keep you connected with running buddies. Not only that, but it will learn your running habits and remind you if you’re slacking off!

Run Keeper


The FitBook has helped me redirect daily habits and sail through weeks of reaching personal goals. The FitBook comes in different varieties – 6 week plan, 12 week plan, juniors and mama2b. Pages of progress tracking, goal setting, daily log-ins and more will force you to keep yourself accountable. And if it wasn’t clear already…. this isn’t something on a touch screen. This sweet little FitBook is a handheld booklet that requires a pen, pencil, marker or whatever other writing devise gets you going.


Lorna Jane 2015 Diary
This gem of a calendar is bound to fill you with inspiration and motivation to tackle each day like it’s the absolute best! Like the FitBook, this resource is also of the old school handheld paper and pen variety and quite honestly, can make it feel more real as a result. There’s something inspiring and enjoyable about writing something down by hand and going back in years to come. Enjoy
weekly layouts, monthly views, recipes, motivational pick-me-ups, a sturdy hard cover that will go anywhere and more…. this goal keeper will definitely get you going.


To finding what works, getting to your destination and doing what it takes to stay there,


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