A Healthier & Happier Thanksgiving Holiday

As we approach another glorious overeating holiday, we reflect on where we are, what we’re thankful for and what dishes will take us most quickly into a state of ultimate food coma. For many, Thanksgiving is the start of an annual destruction of our fit life routine. We eat way too much, expand our stomach to the point of discomfort and sink into the couch to embrace the laziness we absolutely deserve once a year. However, just this once can quickly get out of hand as we almost immediately face Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and more.

Tackling Thanksgiving with a little more creativity and commitment to staying strong can make all the difference during the holiday season. We enter the holidays feeling stronger, we celebrate what’s most important to us and we welcome each new day and the next year ahead with increased confidence. Here are some simple ways to transform your traditional day of turkey and tryptophan into the ultimate experience of health, happiness and a holiday season filled with love and thanks!

Give Thanks & Enjoy

It’s all too easy to overuse rest days during the long Thanksgiving weekend. Leading into the big day, we’re running around preparing for family, friends and lots of food. During the big day, our focus is all those family, friends and foods finally coming together. Following the big day, we’re dosed with a serious case of cat naps and no desire to move.

Push through the pain, plan ahead and prioritize exercise this Thanksgiving. Earlier workouts than your normal schedule might be in order but trust me, you won’t die of getting up an hour or two earlier. Use your local resources and community encouragement to help get you there. Tons of local gyms, fitness studios and trainers keep morning classes scheduled on Thanksgiving day or arrange special turkey tackling sessions. Here are some options to consider:

Pure Barre Pasadena
107 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena
(626) 765-9400 | pasadena@purebarre.com
Thanksgiving day classes at 6:30 a.m., 8:25 a.m. and 9:35 a.m.
Sign up online to reserve your spot. Your first class is only $10!
(I will be your instructor if you join the fun at 6:30 a.m.)

“Beating the stuffing out of you” Boot Camp by Reflex Performance
117 W. Bellevue Dr. Suite 4, Pasadena
Thursday, November 27th from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Indoor & outdoor group workout session for only $20 per person.
RSVP to the Facebook event or call (626) 765-9083

Reflex Thanksgiving Boot Camp

Fun & Free with the Family!
Not feeling an organized group workout? No worries! Gather up loved ones or just yourself for a nice walk, run or workout in the park. Family walks are a great way to connect and create new bonds. Briefly break away from technology and embrace the outdoors before diving into the lunch/dinner table!

Turkey Trot Races for Runners Everywhere
5k & 10k races are extremely popular on and around Thanksgiving. Many of them support a good cause or charity organization and focus on feeding the less fortunate. Search online for a race near you and start the holiday feeling better than ever!

Fall 40 Workout

Committing to your health during Thanksgiving doesn’t have to mean missing out on all the fun. Explore tasty new dishes to bring to the table that offer the same down home satisfaction everyone loves with the added benefit of fresher ingredients and fewer calories. Here are some recipes to check out:

Herb and Mushroom Stuffing
by Thug Kitchen
Thug Kitchen is such a fun and fresh approach to healthy eating. Their heavy use of profanity and no excuses attitude makes healthy eating seem more attainable. If you’re surrounded by anyone who seems “too cool” to get down on the fit life wagon, give them a dose of Thug Kitchen to change their mind!

Carrots & Parsnips

Balsamic-Roasted Carrots and Parsnips
by Southern Living
Add new color to the table with fresh ingredients and delicious seasonal vegetables! Healthy dishes don’t have to be extremely time consuming or challenging to conquer – many require a simple process of cutting, roasting and a few great seasonings!

34 Healthy Recipes for Thanksgiving 
by Greatist
Explore tons of great healthy recipe ideas put together by Greatist! From main dishes to side dishes, starters and more, Greatist has all your bases covered for making your Thanksgiving table a fantastic spread of healthy and delicious seasonal dishes.

Thanksgiving Recipes by Greatist

Creating an individual or group craft is a great way to keep people entertained and express more gratitude! Your gratitude craft doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming or take up too much space. Something simple can go a long way and ultimately, the point is to produce more positivity and give people an outlet to express more thanks.

Last year, our family decorated rocks – how simple is that?! While it’s easy to buy a bag of rocks from a craft or home improvement store, it can also be a fun activity for the kids. Leading up to Thanksgiving, go rock hunting to collect great rocks. We tried to collect rocks with flatter surfaces that were more conducive to writing on. On Thanksgiving day, a small table was in the mingling area where the rocks were laid out with a variety of Sharpies. Everyone who came to the house wrote something they were thankful for on a rock and placed it in a basket. Before dinner began, the rocks were taken and spread out around the dinner table(s). During dinner, family and friends could see what others had written, share more things they were thankful for and even take home a rock that meant a lot to them.

Thank You Card

This year, we’ll be doing handwritten notes. Once again, a small table will be set up in the mingling area. On the table will be a variety of cards and pens. Everyone in attendance will write one or several hand written notes to someone else in attendance. Before leaving for the day, the card will be given to the intended recipient for them to take home, read and cherish. Never forget how far a hand written letter of love and gratitude can go!

To the amazing beauty you bring to the world and all the lovable things about your amazing life,


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