Prep for Success: Sundays In The City

Sundays have always been tricky for me. Since day one I’ve been torn between two worlds – workaholic productive professional on the one hand and the let loose live-a-little girl on the other. At the end of each week, these worlds collide into the ultimate confusion. Do I rest? Do I work? Do I just say screw it all and embrace a good old fashioned Sunday Funday?!


The worst part is, Sundays really matter. When the confusion comes to the wrong conclusion, the results appears in the week that follows. I face a fantastic week full of health and happiness or I harness irritation and initiate the next stage of going off the wagon. And so, the struggle is real and I undertake the acquisition of balance and blossoming into a better Sunday ritual.

This Sunday, I was dedicated to giving due time to work, personal productivity and playtime. Waking up at the crack of dawn each day turns 8 or 9am into the perfect sleep in schedule, and boy do I not mind that at all! Remembering the days when I’d wake up at 12…1…2…3pm make me wonder what the hell I was thinking. Sure, I still take naps sometimes, and depending on the situation, there are days every once in a long while when I’ll wake up super later…. but on the reg, I’ve found I’d rather wake up and avoid wasting my time.

Mornings made into me-time always result in a better day. This morning, I woke up wishing I could sleep longer. My brain was ready to move but my body was set to stay put…. story of our lives. No use fighting it, I’ve found. Instead, a gradual wake up was calling and I embraced easing out of bed and into some home projects I’ve been eyeballing. Mid-morning rolled around and my man and I decided to take to the streets and see the sights!

2014-09-21 14.33.09First stop, Home Brewed Bar for a cold pressed coffee. Also love their Shaken Teas. Fresh, fun and a little more feisty than the standard Starbucks.

Next stop – the Old Pasadena Farmer’s Market! Since taking on my personal debt payoff plan and switching to cash spending systems, I’ve been exploring the farmer’s markets a little more. Going with cash each week makes me competitive against my last-week-self to spend even wiser and take home a better haul. I try to shop smart, satisfying and sexy. Yup, sexy. We can deny it all we want, but when you feel sexy, you seem to be a lot happier and hopeful for whatever lies ahead. Put on a cute summer sundress and wedges to walk in style through the produce, your favorite mellow denim or some skin tight spandex. Welcome the market for what it is…. hey, you, yah, you sexy shopper right there – you’re being so worldly… so cultured, creative, health conscious and wise! Experience the sensations from start to finish – soak up the sunshine, sample everything you can, select only the best and feel like a badass about it!!!

Thankfully, I also have my homie Brad to serve as incredible inspiration in the farmer’s market arena. Brad’s #cookuary challenge is something I’ve had a lot of fun trying and nowadays, he’s tackling Cookuary, farmer’s market edition! I was shocked to see the announcement of this restriction and immediately thought, “I’d never be able to do that.” Only eating items you buy each week at the farmer’s market?! That’s crazy! ……. is it though? Since then, I’ve been increasingly diversifying my haul to see what new goodies I can get in my bag! This week, I finally bought seafood – I’VE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!! Ahhhh….. organic meats might be next!


Old Town Farmer’s Market
Haul on Sunday 09.21.14

$26 Total Cash Spent
1 lb large Mexican shrimp
1 basket strawberries
4 mixes variety plums
2 flower bouquets
1 bag green beans

Sunday night dinner was a spin on pad thai featuring some of the delicious, easy to clean, incredibly fresh tasting prawns – a very successful purchase indeed! The other seafood options seemed a little pricey, but for the quality I tasted tonight, I’m into testing out that difference!

After frolicking the streets of Pasadena for a few hours, work was calling and it was time to take a break from all the fun. A wonderful morning and early afternoon fueled my work flow and allowed me to feel way more alive than if I had slept super late and vegged out.

2014-09-21 17.28.22

Right in time for an evening work break was a Restorative Yoga date with my wonderful mother. We love going to Stadium Fitness Yoga together. While we regularly go to Heated Vinyasa Flow, she’s been increasingly into their Restorative Yoga classes on Sunday nights. I struggle a bit with this type of yoga… Its nature of holding poses for longer periods of time can make me anxious and irritable. About halfway through the first Restorative class I ever took, I realized that was the point for me and my process. Stopping and sitting still can feel nearly impossible, but with a little practice and concentration, it’s something I can successfully achieve. This type of class helps me center my mind and reminds me to stay both grounded and open while listening to my body and myself at all times.

To end the evening – a bit more work, enjoying an incredible homemade dinner and reconnecting with my love for writing. The balance between all of our conflicting worlds can be obtained. A little heart, a little soul, a lot of hard work and most of all, a large open mind ready to make it all happen.

To you, your life and living it on your own terms of enjoyment,


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