Party On, Wayne!

With increasing health comes higher chances of experiencing a gnarly hangover. You know the story, you’ve been hitting it hard at the gym, keeping your diet in check and reminding yourself that pool party season is coming. Finally, you’re as bikini ready as you’ll be and the first glorious party weekend hits – HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Screw the gym, my abs are ready to drink in the sun all day!!!

…and then the day after hits…

vodka and vegetable juice

Well, probably because your body was like, “WOAH bro… you gotta chill on that, I’m in still in hyper-hydration, hitting it hard mode!” Don’t worry though, it’ll pass and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be like that! I’m not saying ditch the party, I’m saying party with more awareness that your body is in way better shape and will be less tolerant of the poison you’re funneling into your system.

Aloe is an incredible healer, packed with great vitamins and minerals that help your body defend against illness. Lately, I’ve been adding some Aloe Juice to my mimosas and vodka cocktails. I love the added flavor with champagne and orange juice and the aloe pulp is hardly noticeable. While there’s controversy (like anything these days) about the complete benefits of Aloe Juice, I swear it’s to thank for reducing hangovers. Fill your cup with some at the next party and see for yourself!

Aloe Vera Juice

Not with Smirnoff Ice… with actual ice cubes!! Beat the heat with lots of ice in your drink and help keep your body hydrated. Ice will water down your drink which means you’ll fill up on less alcohol without missing out on the fun. Plan ahead and pop some berries in your ice cube trays before freezing. When they’re ready, they make a great addition to any white wine, champagne, vodka or crazy college kids punch creation you’re gulping down.

It can be hard to tell the difference between club soda and tonic water. I mean, they’re both clear and bubbly… so, what’s the deal? The deal is, tonic water has a lot more added to it, like sugar. Ultimately, choose the club soda and you’ll be reducing your chances of day after destruction. Remember to get lots of ice in that delicious club soda cocktail too!

Fruit Cubes

If you haven’t heard of a Michelada, it’s like a great beer variation of the traditional Bloody Mary. It’s more complex than that and other adjustments have been made to make this drink deliciously unique, but that’s the short story. Make an easy and more health conscious version at home by adding a great light beer to lime, tomato juice or clamato.

When I started concentrating on my health, how I could keep partying was one of my first questions for fitness friends. The best advice I got was to eat as much spicy food as possible. As someone who isn’t huge on spicy food, I laughed and thought, ooook cool NOT doing that. I finally gave it a try though and boy does it work! Loading up on spicy food when you’re drinking or hung over will force you to drink a lot more water which will help re-hydrate your body in a heartbeat.


Don’t ever feel like you have to eat the options someone else has thrown on the BBQ. Bring your own lean meats and veggies to throw in the mix. Chances are, you’ll be making someone else at the party extremely happy to have healthy options as well. Even if you’re not barbecuing, bring a plate of raw fruits and veggies to eat as you party. You’ll keep your body fueled with more nutrients and help continuously hydrate your body with the beneficial water content.

Healthy BBQ

To staying on the wagon while making wonderful memories you’ll probably forget the next day,


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