Home Sweet Home

As I watched her hand frivolously scribble down notes and numbers, I suddenly wondered what she was thinking. I know she’s been looking for a place to live alone, but these stats are too big for something solo… Before my mind could wander too far, she hung up the phone and our eyes met with a moment of silence. Neither one of us had to say much. Moving wasn’t something I’d given any thought to, but the rush of excitement was undeniable.

It’s crazy to think it’s been 2 years since I moved into my perfect 20-somethings back house cottage. At the time, I was entering a new stage of my life as a single adult back in Pasadena and the cottage was just right. I needed space to be alone, think about what direction I desired to go in life and embrace my new phase. I’m so happy reflecting on my time doing all of that and more, and I can’t help but be proud of myself. Too many of us jump from relationship to relationship, school to school, job to job and setting to setting without stopping to reflect and rejuvenate. It’s during our transition ages into adulthood that taking time to re-assess is even more important. We are not who we were 1, 2, 5 or 10 years ago. We are always growing, evolving, learning and blossoming into a more powerful and clarified representation of our inner self. After all, how can we offer something incredible to the world without feeling incredible ourselves?!?

Home Sweet Home

Now, as I look at my reflection in the mirror, I see a different person that I saw moving into the cottage. I see a woman who knows her inner strengths and weaknesses like never before. I see someone ready for a new chapter. Most of all, I feel a deep hunger for healthy change. The time is now and I’m not wasting a moment of hesitation.

With each move comes a wonderful set of opportunities. A new place means new adventures, routines, habits and healthy avenues worth exploring.

Take time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going. Whether you’ve loved it or hated it, this has been a time in your life worth living! Think about the parts that have been successful as well as the times that have been challenging. Write down how you feel and what you’re grateful for.

Enjoy the Little Things

Moving is the best time to de-clutter your life. We collect so much nonsense and often find ourselves surrounded by piles of unnecessary crap. As you pack, actually think about the belongings you’re handling. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in over a year, shred documents that no longer serve a purpose and create boxes of  memorabilia and belongings to store and look back on later in life.

As I’ve been reading Making Habits, Breaking Habits by Jeremy Dean, I’ve loved learning about the power of habits and everything that goes into them. I wasn’t surprised to learn that moving and changing your setting is one of the most successful times to remove old habits and introduce new ones. While you prepare to relocate, identify 1-2 habits that you struggle with at home. In addition to identifying the habit, try to pinpoint a set of circumstances that encourage the behavior. Try to brainstorm ways this can be adjusted in your new setting. Maybe there’s one thing in particular that you decide will stay in your old home and you will move on without.

Old Habits Die Hard

A new home is like a blank canvas. On top of your opportunity to leave old habits behind you, you also have a chance to create new routines and adventures. Before you move into your new setting, create a list of at least 3 things you want to do and commit to doing them during the first 2 weeks after you’ve moved. This time is imperative and will help you establish a lifestyle in your new home that you desire. Since I’ll be moving into the heart of the city, my list consists of walking to the farmer’s market on Sundays, taking the metro to work at least 2 days a week and cooking more meals at home.

Best of my Life

Your time here on Earth is valuable and the space you reside in should feel sacred. Even if moving isn’t on the horizon, use your resources to rearrange, clean, clear your thoughts and create a home that helps you thrive.

To the healthy home you build and the bad habits worth leaving behind,


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