Inspiration in the Flesh

Witnessing a gorgeous woman in killer shape walking down the street or a fierce fit chick pumping iron used to make my blood boil. Ew. Seriously? What a nerve that girl has, I’d think. Walking around like she’s better than everyone…. looking good wearing anything…. seriously, can you please?!?!?! 

InstaLFL - Love Yourself @msfishsamantha

One day I woke up and realized that getting a grip was in order. The real question was, what’s MY problem?!? Those poor women hadn’t done anything wrong and by no means did they owe me anything. They were beautiful, sexy, smart and strong. They deserved every bit of confidence they had gained through all their hard work and dedication to a lifestyle they believe in.

That same day, things changed. The first girl I saw looking incredibly fit and wearing a fabulous outfit got a smile and a compliment. She was wearing a cute little summer romper. Damn, do I look awful in those things. I politely told her I thought she looked really great. I continued to let her know I was extremely jealous because my butt feels way too big for those little one piece numbers. She lit up more than I was even prepared for. She couldn’t believe that’s what I stopped to tell her and she thanked me profusely.

InstaLFL - Find Yourself Fall In Love

No, I thought…. Thank you.
Thank you for helping me open my eyes to a whole new world of love and allowing everyone to succeed in their own way, on their own journey of life. 

Since then, I watch and enjoy my community with a sense of pride and joy. Yes, I belong with these beautifully happy people. Yes, you should come kick it…. We’re pretty tight 😉 Oh and yes, it’s unbelievably refreshing to wake up loving yourself everyday while being surrounded by positive people.

Alone, we can only do so much.
Together, we will go far.

InstaLFL - Together We'll Go Far @msfishsamantha

As a community of people who believe in themselves, each other and the power of a healthy lifestyle, we can quite literally accomplish anything. It’s time for things to happen. We’re ready for more and we want something uniquely amazing to be part of.

We want to break it down at the barre with our best buddy, explore organic produce under the perfect summer sun and fall asleep each night believing more is on the horizon. We want to experience inspiration in real life… something we can touch and hold that will give us hope and help us embrace a better way of life.

InstaLFL - Keep Pushing To Make Yourself Proud

The wait is over.
The Love Fit Life is incredibly proud to introduce a project dedicated to inspiring you from your own backyard and motivating you from within your own circle of friends. We’re finding the best pictures, taken of the most driven, dedicated and damn right awesome members of our local community and transforming them into something that truly makes us believe in ourselves and each other. We want that feeling of… Oh my god, I’m on top of the world. We want you to know them and take a deep breath knowing that you can do it too. We want to empower and push you to reach and run far past every goal you ever thought impossible. We want you to know that living the dream is just a matter of dedication and deciding you can do it. We want you to be healthy and happy, forever and ever, amen.

Join us!
Start embracing and encouraging the health and happiness you feel within and see in the world around you!!

Email us pictures you think would be perfect for our project.

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to show us your friends who inspire you.

Say yes when we ask your permission to be part of something bigger…. something better…. something we can all believe in.

InstaLFL - Be A Better Athlete

To you, the real life celebrities of the world,


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