Sweating It Out With Sweet New Moves

Welcome to January…. The month of reborn gym rats, digging out your lost sports bras, trying to find workout equipment returned to the wrong location, making yourself grand commitments of happily ever after and buying another way too expensive planner you swear you’ll use to acquire increased amounts of awesome.

This time around, let’s just focus on 1 thing.
Making everyone at the gym jealous of your sweet moves!!

Feeling like the coolest person at the gym actually accomplishes a lot.

You’re more driven to actually work your muscles instead of flailing around like a wombat.

Attractive people look at you…. and then you look at them… and then you create a fantasy gym relationship that will encourage you to keep going for months.

You eat better during the day because you want to feel great wearing smokin’ hot exercise outfits.

You actually see results because you’re working hard, exercising consistently and  feeling fabulous.

You smile more…. because the coolest person at the gym is always happy. Unless your a big sexy muscle man who can’t smile for fear of getting challenged to a bench press competition. In that case, you smugly nod more and give people the “cool eye.”

Increased blood flow and positive thinking from all the sweet moves and smiling makes you think of even more incredible Instagram picture opportunities #andcoolerhashtags.

Moral of the story? Let’s get you some sweet moves so you become the coolest person at the gym and finally accomplish your goal of living happily ever after.

Weekend Challenge

Weekend Challenges
by Women’s Health Magazine
One of the best ways to work in sweet new moves is to challenge yourself to try something different each week! I love the Weekend Challenges released by WHM because they give me ideas of exercises I might not already be trying. 

New Ab Moves

4 Ab Exercises You’re Not Doing
by Women’s Health Magazine
After checking out these 4 awesome new ab moves, I’m stoked to grab a medicine ball, resistance band and brand myself as the 6 pack master!!!

Arms & Shoulders

4 Innovative Exercises for the Arms & Shoulders
by Brad Gouthro/Live Lean TV
Finding new moves for my upper body is a must since it’s way too easy to get stuck doing the same ol’ bicep curls and tricep extensions. Use these sweet moves to mix it up and say hello to tank top season all year long!

Tick Tock Squat

8 Moves to Get Total-Body Toned
by Shape Magazine
Learning sweet new moves doesn’t always mean finding the most challenging exercises possible. It means discovering things that are new to you and making each move work as much of your body as possible. Check out these 8 moves that will help you add some new elements to some of the traditional moves you know and love!


The 10-Minute Plyometric Workout
by Fitness Magazine
The epitome of January gym life is walking into a room where every single piece of equipment is taken. Instead of letting this wave of new workout warriors bum you out, grab a bit of floor space and show them how you’re way cooler than that. Learn some equipment free plyometric moves to get you burning fat and bringing up your heart rate in style!

To your ridiculously ripped body that all the betches want,


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