Resolutions Redefined

At a certain point, we grow restless. We yearn for discovery, development and worlds where dreams really do come true. We stop and wonder if it’s truly possible…. if we’ll wake up one day as the person we’ve always hoped to be. Somewhere deep down, we know that the moment we believe it will be is the instant it transforms into a beautiful reality.

Hope Whispers

Like clockwork, my body knows it’s time to re-focus, re-prioritize and re-gain my inner strength to take on a new calendar cycle. With the beginning of each new year comes an opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate. We feel an obligation to document a series of resolutions that will lead us to greatness, dissolve our deepest insecurities and direct us down the path of new beginnings.

We are not at the beginning though. We are already in the midst of our incredible journey through life. We have accepted mountains of knowledge, we have grown leaps and bounds, and we have risen to new heights in the many years we’ve been blessed on earth. Yet, our resolutions bear no witness to what has been. Instead of building on the strength and power we’ve developed through the years, we belittle ourselves and brainstorm our greatest failures. We bind ourselves to our New Year’s lists that become little more than lost intentions.

We’re better than that.
We deserve more.

Heels, Head & Standard High

This year, I want more than a soon to be retired resolution. Instead, I want something I can hold myself more accountable to. I want to make myself a promise that I’ll pursue with a passion. I want to establish a foundation to live by. I want to make myself proud and live each day as the role model I hope my future children will have.

This year, I’m taking a personal oath to be more than I have ever been before.

Like all things though, this personal oath must be accompanied by a plan of action. Lofty hopes and dreams remain in the clouds until they’re taken into daily life. In light of my journey that is already underway and the abundances of accomplishments under my belt, I’ve created a pledge list of things I promise myself I will work harder to do so I can take myself to the next level. When I fall and feel as if I’ve failed, I will fight to get back up again…. beyond February and long past April and May.

This year will be more than looking good in a bikini.
This year will strengthen my inner champion.
This year will be one I always remember. 

Braver, Stronger, Smarter

I pledge to express more gratitude.
Say Please & Thank You. Communicate openly to give thanks and convey appreciation for the generosity of others.

I pledge to read for pleasure.
Always keep a book by my bed. Choose to finish a new chapter over clicking through TV channels. Give myself constant reminders that I want to further my education and increase my level of intellect.

I pledge to practice yoga on a weekly basis.
Whether it’s a class at the gym, a class at one of my favorite yoga studios in town, a video at home, or any other way of practicing, this weekly health treatment cannot be missed.

I pledge to lead an active lifestyle on a daily basis.
Go to sleep each night knowing what activity is planned for the day that follows. Wake up reminding myself that these plans remain. Stay open to all forms of activity and exercise.

I pledge to send handwritten cards to my loved ones.
Keep cards and stamps on hand. Write for any occasion but prioritize thank you and just because cards.

I pledge to explore new places, engage in more learning activities and be receptive to discovery.
Plan adventures to visit at least 3 new places this year. Log onto my learning sites like Khan Academy and on a weekly basis and read more news to expand my knowledge. Embrace the word “yes” when asked to try new things.

I pledge to look on the bright side.
Write down what makes me happy and always have a positive thought in mind for when times are challenging.

I pledge to eat vegetables daily.
Eat my veggies first to ensure they’re not left behind. Always keep fresh produce on hand. Explore new recipes to help keep meals exciting.

I pledge to prioritize good oral hygiene.
Brush my teeth twice a day and floss daily.

I pledge to dedicate time at least once a week to preparing healthy meals.
Decide on at least 2 meals that can be easily prepared and enjoyed throughout the week. Go the to grocery store with a list of required ingredients. Utilize cooking tools like the Crockpot and BBQ.

I pledge to take responsibility for my own actions.
Focus on staying organized so to-do list items aren’t forgotten. When mistakes are made, verbally accept fault and take action to resolve the issue. Remind myself that I control my own behavior. Push past moments of failure to find a greater sense of strength and preparedness.

I pledge to release negative emotions surrounding the behavior of others.
Continue reminding myself that I cannot control the actions of anyone aside from myself. Meditate to find my own center and place of calm. Take a deep breath and walk away from toxic settings and individuals.

I pledge to approach life with the intention of being more green & environmentally friendly.
Stop and think about my decisions before acting. Bring a set of dishes to work. Invest in more candles for electricity free lighting at night.

I pledge to opt for tea.
Keep tea on hand at home and work. Get full nights of sleep to avoid feeling like caffeine is required. Explore teas that are new to me for constant cups of excitement.

I pledge to pursue my passions.
Continue working hard, writing The Love Fit Life and exploring the endless beauty of life. Plan quiet time to feel centered and in touch with my deepest dreams and desires.

Believe in the power of me.
Push through moments of weakness and never be afraid to tell myself no when something doesn’t feel right. Write down my accomplishments. Remind myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. Surround myself with people I love that provide a positive influence. Take pride in my work and myself.

Take What You Need

To the you that you can be when you believe,


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