Primp Like A Pimp

For some reason, getting ready at the beginning of the day and getting un-ready (yup, went there) at the end of the day can feel sooooo hard sometimes. It’s like, do I really? Why can’t I just sleep in my make-up? I can snooze, I only need 10 minutes to get ready, right? My teeth won’t really rot, will they? Argh! Boo to the whore who decided most of us have to work hard to look and feel great #justsayin.

In reality, spending time preparing for both the day ahead and the night of sleep you’re setting out on is very important. Things like washing your face, brushing your teeth, putting on sunscreen and lotion, dry brushing, flossing and all the other odds and ends you include in your pamper routine help you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Practicing healthy habits in the bathroom will increase your skin quality and appearance, help you maintain better oral hygiene, give your body a better defense against skin cancer, keep you looking younger and make you feel absolutely fabulous. Take the time to primp and unwind!!

Hey Gorgeous

…because standing in front of the mirror and
looking sexy in cute underwear never gets old,


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