6 Months Sober… and Counting!

The Love Fit Life is so proud to announce our Aussie Globetrotter Megan is a new mom!! Since her first guest piece, Live From Australia, Megs has been busy preparing for and welcoming adorable baby Ari into the world, and of course, staying as healthy and happy as ever. A few month before Ari was born, we got all her niddy-griddy details on one of the hardest parts of pregnancy…. staying sober! Take it away, Megs…

Megs & Ari

So my last post was back at the beginning of the year when I had just announced I was expecting a baby and getting used to the idea of abstaining from alcohol and by all accounts – fun.

I have now been living tee-total for over 6 months, and am not afraid of the next 6 to come!

This experience has completely changed my relationship with alcohol forever.

I used to think that drinking was a necessity, in fact, let me rephrase – I don’t know if I ever even used to ‘think’.  I would drink because it was habit, drink to celebrate, drink if I had a hard day, drink if I was happy / sad, drink with a meal,  drink if the sun was shining, drink if it was cold and miserable outside, pre-drinks, post-drinks, party drinks, dancing drinks or just drink if I was goddamn thirsty!

And never did I think about whether I really wanted or ‘needed’ a drink, and certainly never thought about all the calories I was consuming.

Now that I have been forced into a sober lifestyle, I have been able to take a step back and realise the benefits of not drinking to excess.

Happy Sober Days

Not waking up with a hangover…
This one for me has been the one thing I have enjoyed the most from not drinking.  In the past my weekend mornings / days were spent either with the bed covers over my head, lying on the couch comatose or with my head by the toilet.  This was just a normal occurrence and I didn’t see any reason to change.  Now that my Friday and Saturday nights are no longer spent binge drinking, I have been reacquainted with my weekends.  Waking up early and having the whole day to do whatever I want, whether it be a nice breakfast or a trip to the markets, it has been wonderful gaining those extra days.  Not to mention no longer waking up to find a half eaten cheeseburger on my bedside table, and then deciding that this was the most appetising breakfast I was going to come across (in other words – too lazy to get up and eat anything else).  By cutting out drinking in my life, I am also cutting out those junk food meals that you only eat when you are too drunk and trying to sober up or too hungover to eat anything else.

Being more conscious and aware…
This was one that had never crossed my mind, but one thing I have noticed while being out and sober, is how much hilarious stuff happens that you never would have picked up on if you were drinking.  As a sober person going out with people drinking, you are suddenly more aware of your surroundings, and watching drunk people is really funny.  Drunk people are also incredibly stupid and they also repeat stories a lot.  And talk loud and spit in your face.  It makes me realise what kind of drunk person I do NOT want to be.

Umbrella Drinks

Saving money…
This was a benefit that I had underestimated.  I always knew that not drinking or going out so much would save money but I just hadn’t realised ‘how much’.  It is not only the cost of the alcohol that factors in, but the cost of food, taxis, door charges, new shoes and clothes etc etc.  It amazes me how much money I used to spend on one night out, and the drunker you get, the more your money seems to disappear – “I swear I left the house with $200…” hmm.  Nowadays when I go out, I seem to come home with the same money I left with, and I’ll tell you how this happens.  When you are drinking just mixers, people are more than happy to shout you a drink, especially when you have no reason to go anywhere near the bar.  As the token preg, I get more soda waters, cokes and oj’s bought for me than I ever did before.  Hence why my wallet barely leaves my bag.  And driving means no taxis, and being sober means no more late night cheeseburgers.
Megs: 3 Drunk people: 0

To your sober spectacular self,
Rachel & Megs


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