Dreaming for a Degree in Success

The Love Fit Life is about more than fitness and finding the perfect salad. Our purpose lies in the bigger picture of a balanced lifestyle. It’s the pursuit of personal passions and pushing through the challenges to triumph and conquer our own inner demons. It is recognizing and accepting that we must cherish each and every moment we have to strive for some sense of equilibrium and individual strength. It’s finding the life we love, perfectly fit for the incredible person we are and are meant to be.


Growing up, we’re given opportunities to prepare for the unknown world ahead. While some are blessed with prosperity and privilege, others must find and create their own flourishing future. Regardless of our good fortune though, we are products of the initiative we take and the trials and tribulations we face along the way. Through laughter, friends and an abundance of fun, we often forget to see the true meaning and purpose of this journey. We envision a colorful world of paychecks and picture perfect summer nights after we’ve survived the torturous years of report cards, finals and figuring out our potential career path.


Then one day, we wake up and we’re far past the fairy tales. We find ourselves surrounded by the very real life that we were being prepared for. We stop and wonder if we made it count, if we took advantage of the time we had and if we did, in fact, become the success story we all dreamed about.

While we continue to cram past defined seasons of scholarship, we find unanticipated anxiety in an unending life of exactly what we thought we graduated beyond. We hope, pray and hold our breath in anticipation of that now undefinable A+.

Have Faith

Ultimately, we’re left alone to traverse the world as we see fit. We’re told to try our best and while we’re taken to a certain point, we’re then released into the wild with only our own senses to lead the way. It’s here where we find who we really are. It’s here where we develop into the individual we wish to be. It’s right now that we must decide which direction to go and accept the journey knowing no one will hold us to it but ourselves.

We have to try our best.
We have to make our own choices.
We have to find our own motivation.
We have to rise above the challenges.
We have to love the life we life.
We have to trust the process.
We have to be true to ourselves.
We have to choose who matters.
We have decide what counts.
We have to realize that win or lose, we want to be able to say we worked our asses off.
We have to recognize that no matter what job, goal, deadline or requirement to save the world from whatever ails it…strength, a true desire to succeed and absolute dedication to the task at hand are the master keys to a perfect score.

Push Limits

To your beautiful life,
the choices that take you in the right direction,
and finding what it takes to succeed…


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