Tickle Me Tacos

The biggest hitch in keeping my fit life consistent is food. Dinner, specifically. Generally speaking, I’ve created a great relationship with breakfast and lunch. Snacks and I are in pretty good shape too. Dinner though… I mean, it’s so unrealistic. I’m so tired by then!! I’ve been up all day, movin’ and shakin’ and then somehow I’m supposed to muster the energy to create a deliciously healthy masterpiece that will tantalize my taste buds and send me to bed satisfied. Jokes, I tell you. When I finally walk in my front door around 8 or 9pm every night, a passionate love affair with my bed is the only thing I want to spend time on.

Like so many, this cycle of long days and somewhat limited cooking creativity can produce a habit of grabbing food from the drive-thru or snacking on something not-so-ideal instead of investing time where required. I’m absolutely no exception to this and I’m constantly trying to push myself to get back into the kitchen.

Waste Basket

Tacos is where I begin… They can be as easy as you want, they’re always tasty, and tacos just really tickle my fancy.

So, I spent a week creating fun, new (to me) tacos that totally tickle my taste buds and can be made in a matter of minutes. I focused on a few key ingredients that I love and creating fillings that can last as great leftovers for at least the next day. My week of exploration taught me that by keeping frozen tortillas and some great ingredients on hand, I always have a quick healthy dinner within reach.

Go ahead, start tickling those taco taste buds 😉


Black Bean Salsa Tacos

Get ready… this one is a really hard recipe to master. Grab a jar of salsa and a can of black beans. Pour your salsa into a skillet over medium/high heat. Drain and rinse your can of black beans. When the salsa is simmering nicely (meaning, kind of bubbling – nice and hot), pour in your black beans. Stir, let it thicken, stir a little more, and sprinkle in some salt, pepper, a little more spice if you want and maybe even a bit of shredded cheese if you want to get crazy! Hell, get even crazier and throw in some frozen corn or extra veggies on hand. Don’t let some extra creativity stress you out though, the bare bones salsa and beans is delicious on its own.

When your skillet sensation is thickened up, hot and ready, scoop some into 2-3 tortillas, top with some simple extras like greens and avocado and devour.

Delicious. It’s kind of stupid how delicious it is. Seriously.

My leftovers made sweet skillet love with eggs the next day and my taste buds where tickled with breakfast style black bean salsa tacos. Just… YUM.


Seafood Tacos

I love using seafood as a taco alternative to the traditional meat options. All kinds of fish, shrimp, and my favorite little Langostino Tails from Trader Joe’s cook super fast or come already cooked and just need reheating. During my trip to grab my frozen and fully cooked seafood option, I found some delicious Eggplant Garlic Spread. Within 5 minutes, the perfect skillet combination came to life!

For a topping, I mixed together my go-to “healthy cole slaw” by combining shredded cabbage (pre-shredded bags are often sold at TJ’s too), greek yogurt, dijon, relish, lemon, salt, pepper, chili powder and garlic. Of course, I added an extra topping of avocados that I also had on hand.

Swim into my stomach you delicious little taco friends… please and thank you.


Fit Chick Tacos

Although this tasty variety is more like lettuce wraps, I’m going to argue they still count as tacos that tickle my taste buds. Whether you ran out of tortillas or you’re just looking for an even healthier approach to the traditional taco, filling up lettuce, kale or cabbage with your taco filling is a great option.

These fit chick tacos are also a product of the wonderful world of Trader Joe’s! Since I still had a bunch of that delicious Eggplant Garlic Spread, I simmered that with some chopped up tofu – also my favorite pre-seasoned variety from TJ’s. I used the last of my avocados to top it off and I must say, it was more tickle-icious than I anticipated.

Time out, tortillas, my filling is just as flavorful in something glorious and green!

Workouts Are Easy

To the little time life leaves for a delicious meal…


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