Prep for Success: Hungry for More!

Once upon a Sunday, The Love Fit Life began with new week ahead and a hunger for more. A desire to dream bigger, do better and  thrive longer led to getting it all down on paper. Since that day, the journey has grown, developed and changed into something beautifully unanticipated. While my daily fit life today is more in a state of maintenance, I find myself hungry, once again, to get back to basics. My mind keeps dreaming, planning and preparing for what can and should be done during the week to come. After all, if The Love Fit Life has taught me anything, it’s that one great week can change everything….


JuiceAfter a week of sickness, summer heat and still not feeling fully back on the wagon, my priority is getting and staying healthy. I’m a firm believer that the best way to accomplish that is from the inside out. I’d rather power up my body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs instead of putting on a band-aid or popping pain pills…. period. My 3 favorite ways to get the job done are making sure my diet is nutrient-dense, drinking fresh fruit & vegetable juice and taking my vitamins.

I often find myself in conversations with friends about the importance of vitamins, minerals and extra supplements… many of these friends argue they just get everything they need from the foods they eat. Well, I’m not here to say that is or isn’t true, but for me, I like taking supplements. They reassure me that I’m getting what my body needs and depending on what I take, they can give me a natural boost of energy! Vitamin B, for example, is something I always turn to when I’m feeling a lull in the afternoon at work. Instead of getting caffeine jitters or energy drink anger problems, I get the vitamins my body needs and a feeling of fresh & clean energy.

Not sure what vitamins to take? Sorry, I’m not going to tell you because I’m not a professional 🙂 BUT, I will tell you to spend time finding out what’s right for you and your body. In addition to consulting your doctor, online resources like WebMD can help educate you. I’m also a huge fan of learning what is recommended for men versus women. Since we’re made on different planets, it makes sense that we might need different things to keep us in optimal condition!


Create a Lifestyle

When life is going at light speed, we often put our pens down and just live one moment at a time to get everything done. However, preparing for and planning out exactly how your fit life will play out can be incredibly important. Not buying it? OK… Write down every single thing you ate and every piece of physical activity you did last week…. My money is on, you can’t. Not because you’re defective in anyway, but because it’s really hard, especially when so many other things are going on. Whether you use a simple pad of paper, your cell phone note pad, a great phone app or something like the awesome little FitBook, the point is that you’re keeping track. But don’t stress yourself out – you don’t need to write every single thing in your entire life down… just try your best and it will help you stay motivated and aware of what you’re doing and what goals you’re accomplishing.


Never Failure

A conversation with a friend this weekend reminded me about the importance of reading and learning simply for the purpose of personal growth. I was embarrassed to admit that I mostly read and learn strictly for work purposes or for mindless fun. Sadly, many of us forget that learning is more than passing a class or acing a test. When we’re living in the real world, advancing ourselves and developing our mental capacity is about our own interests, wellbeing and desire to live life in a better way than we did the day before. The best part is that it’s all about YOU and what YOU want to learn. Even if you are in school, investing time in your own areas of passion and personal  interest is something we all can and should do. Accordingly, I’ve decided to add the bookstore to my list of errands this week to pick up a copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I may love it, I may hate it, but ultimately, I just hope to learn a lot from it!!

To being better than person we were the day before,


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