Be The Beast

With our 2nd annual Gladiator Rock’n Run just around the corner, we’re activating training mode and gearing up for a race beyond greatness. After powering through the 5k obstacle course run last year, we decided to upgrade and push ourselves even further for the year to come. With nerves jumping and butterflies trippin’, I registered for the 10k course…. my first 10k. Thank goodness for the fun squishy mud component or I might cry out of terror and fear for the upcoming incline.

For many, running a 10k (6.2 miles) isn’t a crazy feat, but… I don’t run past 3 miles, I get bored easily when running and my current workout regime doesn’t necessarily encourage longer distances to be accomplished. Excuses aside, the finish line is less than 2 months away so it’s time to get down to business.

To start, a training foundation must be set. Momentum must be gained to get going and take training to another level. Of course, what better place to write out my starting plan but on a chalkboard in the middle of my cottage?!

Be The Beast

This rough set of guidelines will set the pace for the first 2-3 weeks and will be easily maintained as specially designed training workout routines are added in. This plan is no special science, no official “you must do” or perfect process. Rather, it’s a group of goals that will help me set a foundation, created based on my own improvements needed, past experiences and adventures in health & fitness. Also bear in mind that this list of goals is specifically designed for me and my objectives. These are the things I’m not doing on a daily or a weekly basis and need to add into my routine. For instance, weight training/toning isn’t included because my weeks are already booked with 4-6 hours of Pure Barre. When creating your own set of guidelines, be sure to include anything and everything you need as an individual for your own training process.

When assembling my list, I broke down weekly and daily goals to keep my focus sharp and concentrate on shorter term and longer term items. Organizing everything in checklist fashion also makes it feel easy and thoughtless, especially since another big task to think about everyday is far less than desirable! However…. there’s a seemingly small checklist item included that’s a process all of its own…. eat clean.

Be So Good

Eating clean can be a hot topic. People love arguing about the definition and meaning this concept holds and defending that this way or that way of eating clean is better. For me, what’s better is not being a big fat cow. For me, what’s better is making food at home versus buying out from a restaurant or drive-thru. For me, what’s better is eating foods that leave me literally feeling light and clean, versus being bogged down and greasy. For me, what’s better is focusing primarily on fruits, veggies, lean protein and healthy carbs.

Want to know what that actually translates into?
What I’ll eat in real life?
What my weeks of cleaner eating will look like?
Luckily, I like you and this handy Mix & Match Meal Plan should do just the trick 🙂  

The Mix&Match Meal Plan

Again, I’m no nutritionist or professional… I’m just a fitchick who likes to learn, eat, act and grow based on experience. This meal plan is focused on the flexibility I prefer and the healthier meals I love most. I like it because it gives me options and doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic or deprived. I can tailor my choices according to how I feel that day and rest assured that I’m still making positive decisions. If I feel like breakfast food for dinner or vice versa, I switch it up as desired.

The most important part about my Mix & Match Meal Plan, or any eating regimen though, is the exceptions you set. Allowing a bit of wiggle room is essential and will help maintain big picture consistency. For instance, I give myself one full free day…. because I’m in training mode, my free day won’t be anything like 10 hours of all you can eat fair food, but it’ll be a day I can color outside the lines. I also give myself one “meal mistake” a week. Since I often have dinner meetings or group events where my meal isn’t as tailored to my specific needs, this covers the feeling of uncontrolled scenarios and terrible temptations.

Now, it’s all about making it happen. In case you’re the type of person who’d rather be told what to do… GO TO THE GROCERY STORE FATTY! Here’s your list, grab your reusable bags and get a move on!

The Grocery List

I missed almonds… get almonds too 🙂

To YOU, you sexy beast!!


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