Beyond Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

The wind shifts and a chill runs down my spine. Somewhere amidst the mountain high, we find ourselves at the top of the peak. Miles of vast beauty, strength, peace and power consume every direction the eye can see.
We made it. 

Chair on a Mountain

For many, life becomes an endless cycle of groundhog days. We rise, we work, we wish, and we wait for something more in the distant day of opportunity. The grease trap binds us, the couch consumes our every heartbeat and the precious moments of our lives are washed away with lost priorities.

I grow frustrated and anxious as the power of momentum too often determines my destiny, if and when I allow it. I remind and re-remind myself I am not a victim of the choices I make, the priorities I set and the paths I choose to follow. Yet, the draw is strong and the world can grow dark and uneasy. Progress feels lost as days become weeks that turn into months and pass away with another year.

To Vogelsang Peak

Our modern world, along with all its glory, glam and convenience forces us to face the results of overstimulation, shortcut motivation and lost and found bins of personal responsibility and priorities. For those of us seeking something beyond what the eye can see, life must become more than another monotonous blur. We must excel past the present, we must uncover new encounters and we must apply ourselves.

We must leave the training room to start the race.
We must finish the race to reach new worlds.
We must fall in love and find passion and pleasure, one beautiful victory at a time.


Accepting the Challenge
A few months ago, I gave the best yes I didn’t yet comprehend. My amazingly irreplaceable friend Emily asked me to join her annual journey to Yosemite for a weekend of backpacking and breathing in the beauty beyond the city. I had been before, long ago, and confirmed my attendance and participation without hesitation. Endless to-do lists caused time to melt into what seems like seconds, and the departure date for our destination fell upon us. We packed up, checked our laces and disappeared into the forest in what would be a journey unlike any expectation.


The Discovery
Beyond the trees, perfect breeze and peaceful hum of the great outdoors, there was a greater discovery to be revealed. With each step, my breath was strong, my purpose known and my focus unbreakable. Weeks and months of consistent workouts and healthier habits transformed into a level of confidence and capabilities I didn’t anticipate. For the first time, I enjoyed the hike. I snapped pictures and laughed on our way up the trail. I felt reborn and suddenly aware that my efforts were paying off in a bigger and much better way. Past the measurements and reflection in the mirror was a strength, intensity and inner fire that left me feeling ready for anything.

Plank on a Lake

The Beauty of Application
Applying yourself to a bigger and broader spectrum of life and the world of endless opportunities allows you to embrace and discover a new sense of self love, worth and wellbeing. It encourages us to continue exploring, growing and testing new boundaries. The sense of accomplishment we find in whatever success we encounter will blossom into new inspiration, motivation and positive movement. We must break out of our cocoon to open our wings and fly into new horizons.

Mountain Woman

Sign up for something unexpected.
Go outside and embrace the sunshine.
Discover new possibilities.
Pride yourself on your ability to run away from a bear, if and when that situation may occur 🙂

Vogelsang Vault

To the great outdoors, the peaks you’ll climb and the glorious victories to be conquered,


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  1. Linda aka Mom · · Reply

    This was amazing! I felt like I was there in Yosemite and loved seeing it through your eyes.

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