The Demons of Didn’t

Like a bad dream I can’t shake, it gets worse when my eyes close. I fidget faster by the second and notice my freshly polished nails are now broken and battered. All I can think about is another bite… another sip… one more indulgence won’t hurt, right?? I make a fist, take a deep breath and shake it out. I tell myself I’m stronger than my weakness. I tell myself I can do it. Inhale… exhale…. Again. Another deep breath, and another…. one more and then repeat.

They didn’t tell me how hard this part is.
 Everyone just says I’ll feel better.
What’s wrong with me?
….absolutely nothing.


The vast isles of health and fitness are stacked with positive inspiration and motivation to get you anywhere. Wise words attempt to push you through the sweaty darkness and Instagram abs show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Billboards line the highway promising fields of gold and a better lifestyle dripping with diamonds. The perfect model, in the perfect outfit, with perfect hair, holding the perfect athletic pose for all the admire.

Too often, this is our concept of health and fitness.
Too often, we aren’t told how uncomfortable it feels to make the changes necessary to reach our goals.
Too often, we don’t pay enough attention to the mental and physical struggle that must occur before a better life can be achieved.

Every great change I’ve made, every new habit I’ve formed and every positive thought I’ve ingrained began with something I chose NOT to do. If you ask me, it’s time to get real and spread the word that new things come when old things go. New territory, regardless of how full heartedly desired, cannot be discovered and experienced until we leave behind the foundation we currently occupy. Next time you want to do something differently, think about what you need to stop doing to allow that transformation to evolve. When I began my journey to more health and happiness on a daily basis, my “ideal life image” was too broad to become reality. Instantly transforming into someone who exercised and ate right everyday wasn’t something tangible I could grasp. I’d been living a certain way for so long that I honestly didn’t know where to start. For instance, I was never eating vegetables, so how the hell was I supposed to know which ones I liked to eat?!? Switches started flipping and changes started blooming when I focused on small things I KNEW I wanted to stop. Each day, I took pride in the unhealthy habits I DIDN’T do. As days became weeks, my concentration began to shift in a very organic way. Almost without noticing, I was no longer focused on all the unhealthy habits I wanted to stop. Instead, I was exploring and embracing healthy habits that were filling the now vacant spaces in my everyday life.

Right here, right now, choose to change your point of view! STOP punishing yourself because you didn’t work out, you didn’t eat well, you didn’t drink enough water, you didn’t take your vitamins, you didn’t finish your to-do list, etc… Instead, REWARD YOURSELF for avoiding things you’re trying to cut out. Pick something to focus on everyday…. it can be the same thing or a million different things!! Just make it count. Be proud of yourself for making different choices!

Don't Complain

Need some direction?
Here are some of mine:

Don’t hit snooze & wake up the 1st time.
Didn’t hit snooze and had way more energy all day long… the extra sleep can be a big trick!!

Don’t eat out or give in to the drive-thru.
Didn’t eat out and actually ate all my groceries & felt SO much lighter on my feet!!

Don’t drink soda.
Didn’t drink soda and drank way more water… surprise!!

Don’t use electronics 30 min before bed.
Didn’t stay plugged in and fell asleep a lot easier than usual, stayed asleep much better & woke up refreshed!!

Don’t talk negatively about myself or others.
Didn’t trash talk and instantly felt more positive, professional and powerful!!

Don’t drink more than 1 serving of caffeine.
Didn’t drink too much caffeine and wasn’t an antsy tweaker bitch all day!!

Don’t eat anything fried.
Didn’t eat fried and realized how much better I feel without it!!

Don’t indulge until 3 servings of veggies are down the hatch.
Didn’t indulge until after veggies and… I just didn’t indulge. The clean taste of produce and feeling full in a fresh way took away all the temptation!!

Don’t go home until I exercise.
Didn’t go home right after work, exercised instead and had a completely different nighttime experience. Ate a better dinner, didn’t watch as much TV, slept much better and woke up feeling fantastic!!

Don’t drive on my lunch break.
Didn’t drive during lunch and walked instead. WAY more energy in the afternoon, felt refreshed & ready for anything!!

Didn’t give up and still on my incredible journey to better health & more happiness!!
Each day brings new challenges and I always allow myself to celebrate a GLORIOUS DIDN’T!!

To a new point of view & the incredible YOU!


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