Hit It & Quit It

My head feels heavy in my hands and frustration leads way to much deeper fears of failure. The balance begins to tip and it’s time to choose whether consistency and hard work will prevail or if the breakdown will be embraced. We’ve all been there… the relationship that we question continuing; the diet we think about deviating from; the routine we contemplate leaving behind; the boss we consider punching. Patience might be a virtue…. but, dang…. sometimes progress in a positive direction is greatly preferred.

upset on scale

Fortunately and unfortunately, all things take time. The tricky part is getting yourself in the right mental zone to power through the pitfalls that can be challenging beyond words. Like the saying goes though, a watched pot never boils. Regardless of how intensely you stare, your partner’s insanely annoying chewing habits won’t necessarily change… Tunnel vision of your pesky tummy pooch in the mirror everyday won’t make it shrink… Focusing on the downfalls doesn’t make it easier to see the incline that will take you back up the mountain of greatness.

Piece of cake…. Not.
Let’s just get back to being awesome!!

Ultimately, life is an uncontrollable roller coaster. You have to ride the ups with the downs and hopefully you have great pain killers for the gnarly headaches along the way. While we all hit points equipped with a determined game face and focus that cannot be broken, we’re also humans who flirt with the idea of giving up and quitting. I mean, we can all agree that dumb sluts who beat the good girls to the punch line, the mouthwatering new burger joint that will test your true love for salads and lying bastard scales are things that cramp our style and make life a little more frustrating.


Ready to give up? Don’t.

Grab a new mirror. Catch your reflection in a storefront window walking down the street. You’re a sexy slimming down (or bulking up) goddess (or beast)…. don’t let your mirror mirror on the wall make you question your progress. Never doubt the power of a great new outfit either. Your changing image requires clothes that fit and look fabulous!

Think about at least 1 thing you love in the light of darkness. Sure, he snores like a hibernating bear tiger, but you must feel great wrapped up in his strong arms at night…. Yes, your challenge zone or weakness is taking its sweet time to tone up, but your other areas are looking TIGHT!

There’s nothing more liberating than changing up the scene. Feeling fat? Go to an amusement park and I bet you’ll find an assortment of people who have a much longer way to go. Can’t stop bagging on your mate or workplace? Grab a drink with someone who will fill your time with other topics. Getting claustrophobic? GO OUTSIDE!

What makes you feel great about what you’re doing? Sure, you haven’t lost all those extra pounds, but that clean lunch definitely gave you more energy to power through the day. Yah, your new arm candy just wants to dance dance dance when you’re ready to sit down already, but I bet she has more stamina in the bedroom and looks better than anyone else on that dance floor.

Make a list of 3 things you’re great at. Maybe you make the perfect 3 minute top ramen or you can strike up a conversation with any ol’ stranger put in front of you. Give yourself credit if you can consistently run X number of miles straight or for the number of days you worked out this week. ANYTHING! Your strengths might be totally random, but they are things you’re great at and should definitely be embraced. Help yourself believe that you can do anything to dig yourself out of the trench trying to trap you down.

Hey, you’re awesome 🙂

Make Up Sex

To being the beast you were meant to be and hitting even harder the next time around!
xoxo, Rachel


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