Summer is just around the corner and this year, it’s all about Brazilian bikinis and bootylicious babes. No matter how much junk you have in the trunk, there’s room for improvement and as the largest muscle in your body, it deserves a fair amount of attention. The gem in my jeans has always been part of the package and while I’ve accepted it’s here to stay, I’m committed to making it a handful (or 2) of glorious “dayaamm guuuurllll…”

Surfer Booty

After all the sitting we do driving around town, working hard all day and couch crashing, it’s important to get off your ass and get moving… literally! To make everyday count until bikini season officially arrives, I’ve accepted the Booty Builder Challenge proposed to me by my wonderful friend and fitness buddy, Anne. The challenge is a day by day prescription of booty buster lunges and squats as follows:

Booty Builder Challenge

 Totally terrified by the thought of 155 squats? Yah, me too…. but I’ve decided to take it one day at a time! The group of dedicated bootylicious babes, also known as the Baby Got Back group on Facebook, is rapidly growing and sorry we’re not sorry that we’re going to have smoking hot curves by next month! Want to join? PLEASE DO! Not into it but still interested in becoming a bit more bootylicious? That’s great too! Here are some more bootylicious resources to get you going…

Sexy Leg Workout

Try this 15 minute routine alone or in conjunction with your cardio and weight training for that booty poppin power!

Heels in Bridge

Also check out these 8 moves to Sculpt Your Butt by Women’s Health Magazine to get you going 🙂

To short shorts, itsy-bitsy bikinis and embracing the beauty of your backside,


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