Time to Frolick Friday!

After an unforgettable Coachella weekend with amazing friends, gales of laughter and dance your heart out tunes, it’s been a week of… a little more sleepy than usual, a little less motivated than usual, wanting a little more wine than usual and “do I really have to wake up?…”

Long story short….TGIF, BETCHES!

Regardless of what kind of week you’ve had though, it seems like the entire work force is in agreement that walking out the door on Friday is a feeling of absolute perfection. That moment that feels like an eternity away until the clock strikes the farewell hour is now upon us, and even if you’re going home to have no fun at all, it’s still liberating!

Frolicking around town and grabbing that much needed drink (or 2) at the end of a long week doesn’t have to mean falling off the wagon either. Granted, I DO recommend that you don’t get wasted to the point of scarfing down an entire pizza at the end of the night though… Bottom line, have a healthy snack and grab that bar stool, because you deserve to unwind!

Clear CutDrink It Up!

Want something strong and refreshing that you don’t have to put too much thought into?
Vodka, Soda & Lime
This low calorie drink packs in a punch and will taste less and less like straight alcohol as you squeeze more lime in! Never be afraid to ask for more lime…. ever!

The Refreshment Rainbow

crystal light

This is hands down my new favorite drink. I can make it at home, when hanging out with friends or I can bring a to-go packet with me to the bar (although I haven’t done that yet…. I probably will this weekend… I expect one of my readers to celebrate with me when it happens!)
Crystal Light, Water & Liquor
I use vodka, but you can definitely use something else that you prefer! Staying away from high calorie sugary juices and mixed drinks is great for health & fitness, but gahhhhhhhhhhhh…. they taste so good!! With my little to-go packets of Crystal Light, I can make my traditional Clear Cut a lot more exciting without making any sacrifices.

The Classy Drunk


Not into hard liquor? It’s cool bro… we won’t peer pressure you. Grab a great glass of wine instead!
Red & White Wine
Wine is relatively low in calories (typically around 100 calories a serving), tastes delicious and can compliment any great meal or conversation with friends! Check out how many calories your favorite wine will cost you and pop that cork already!

Das Boot

beer mugsYah, yah, yah… you want a beer, dude, I hear ya…
While I can’t give you the best beer advice because I, myself, have a beer allergy (I know, it’s stupid, let’s not talk about it), there are plenty of low calorie beer options out there that are still delicious and will hit the spot. Check out Women’s Health Magazine’s Best Light Beers for some guidance.



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