DIY Drink Delights

Guilty… I’m a mason jar lover.

V-Day JuiceI spend Valentine’s Day with my mason jars…

IMG_4166I make spiffy inventions for my mason jars so they don’t steal my straws…

IMG_1579I decorate my cottage with mason jar candle creations…


…and I’m so obsessed with the mason jar tea bag holders I got from Float once, that I copied them at home!!

Combine my love for mason jars with my need to be drinking something all the time, and you get DIY Drink Delights. By combining a few simple fresh ingredients, water and a flat of pint size mason jars from Smart & Final, I was instantly rewarded with a variety of delicious refreshments that are far more exciting than plain old H2O and much better for you than soda or processed alternatives! They’re perfect beyond perfect to pack in my lunch bag or grab on my way out, and they’re something to look forward to enjoying at the end of long day. The batch pictured below was made when I had these 4 ingredients on hand:

1/2 a bag of frozen strawberries
mint leaves

DIY drink delights
I sliced up my lemons & limes, took the stems off my mint leaves, and put the following combinations in my jars:

lemon, lime & mint
lemon & mint
lime & mint
strawberries, lemon & mint
strawberries & lemon

After the desired ingredient combinations are successfully in your jars, fill the jars up the rest of the way with water, pop the tops on and stock the refrigerator for treats all week long. The ones I drank soon after making were lighter and very delicious! The ones I let sit longer were stronger and still very delicious! Basically, the longer the ingredients marinate in the water, the stronger the flavor will be. Be creative and discover your favorite combination 🙂



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