Lust to Love & Lessons Learned

The Love Fit Life is officially 1 YEAR OLD!!
Can you believe it?! I know, me neither 🙂


It seems like just yesterday that I suddenly found myself in a position of answering questions from friends asking how I got more in shape and started living each day with more positive energy than ever before. I was single for the first time in years, had just taken the trip of a lifetime to the Bahamas with my wonderful friend Emily and was spending most of my free time exploring new ways to keep up my newfound fit life momentum. In an attempt to keep my ideas and plans organized, I created a private blog page that I’d be able to reference and add to everyday…. Except, as I was writing, another inquiry popped up in my inbox and I finally realized that I really wasn’t the only one who needed motivation. I held my breath, hit the button to make my new page public and shut my eyes tightly, telling myself it was a stupid idea that no one would even care about. As my eyes reopened, they began filling with tears of joy and I quickly discovered I was wrong… people did like it, people did read it and people told me to keep going!
Thankfully, I did and it was one of the best decisions I ever made!


Above all else, The Love Fit Life started showing me I wasn’t restricted to the box I’d been putting myself in for too long. As an average student in school who didn’t submit great papers and essays, I always believed I was a terrible writer. As the loudest person in most rooms, I always believed people wanted me to shut up. As a normal person walking down the street, I always believed there was a professional opinion people preferred instead of hearing about my journey and experimentation. Since that first terrifying post, I’ve learned more about myself and the world around me than I could have ever imagined possible…

I’ve learned the blessing of being alive and the art in the act of living.

I’ve learned that I want to find a partner defined by true love, long-term compatibility and positive mutual growth.

I’ve learned to address and respect my true desires and underlying needs instead of falling momentarily into the arms of infatuation.

I’ve learned to fight for what matters, even when the crowd isn’t ready to follow.

I’ve learned to look on the bright side.


I’ve learned that days don’t have to be a struggle and won’t be if the right mindset is allowed to flourish.

I’ve learned to envision the life I want to live and the person I want to be in order to work towards a better today, tomorrow and forever.

I’ve learned to maintain positive momentum while planning time to relax.

I’ve learned the difference between relaxing, rejuvenating and remaining in a state of lazy nothingness.

I’ve learned to reflect on and connect the seemingly separate elements of myself and my surroundings.

Family Juicing

I’ve learned you don’t know or understand happy and healthy until you experience it for yourself.

I’ve learned to de-clutter myself mentally and my surroundings physically.

I’ve learned to share motivation, thank those who inspire me and never be afraid to reach out to someone who may or may not know me.

I’ve learned the power of a genuine compliment.

I’ve learned to be grateful for the sometimes painful past and allow it to strengthen me for the present and unknown future.


I’ve learned that organization makes life less overwhelming.

I’ve learned to be the bigger person and politely walk away from those who offer anything less than a positive presence.

I’ve learned to prioritize my own well being and state of mind despite the opinions or preference of others.

I’ve learned to concentrate on what I can control and accept that my behavior and response to the actions of others and the world around me is completely my decision.

I’ve learned that all we encounter and experience is presented with a purpose and provided as an opportunity.


I’ve learned that people do not change – they grow, develop, advance and embrace different degrees of their inner self.

I’ve learned that life is meant to be loved and we are worth every perfect moment we stumble upon.

I’ve learned that I’m only as beautiful as I believe myself to be.

I’ve learned to be confident, strong, driven and always open to new discoveries.

I’ve learned to be me.


Thank you for sharing The Love Fit Life with me.

Thank you for embracing a healthier and happier lifestyle with me.

Thank you for encouraging me to keep going.

Thank you for being the incredible person you are.

Thank you!




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