The Prep Artist

We’ve all heard the advice to prep healthy food to make eating right a little less challenging…. like a lot of advice though, it seems a lot easier said than done! I’m constantly trying to find ways to prep in a matter of seconds because time is always a struggle. I mean, if I don’t have 10 extra minutes everyday to make a healthy snack, how the hell am I supposed to have hours to spend every week getting stuff ready?!

Grocery Store Goodies

To my delightful surprise, salads have become one of my easiest and quickest prep items! Salads and I have had a very tumultuous relationship over the years. The lettuce wilts way too fast, I don’t like to spend all the time getting all the ingredients together and mixing in dressing is a total disaster…. lettuce all over the counter?! No, thank you.

Base Salads

So, a few weekends ago I got the bright idea to just transfer all my new lettuce and mixed greens right into tupperware when I got home from the grocery store. I break open my lettuce varieties and instantly divide them into 6-8 containers to create what I like to call base salads. In addition to the lettuce, I’ll grab a bag of shredded carrots and a container of sprouts to add right on top of each container. Whether I’m on my way to work or just getting a meal ready at home, my base salad containers are ready to go! I pour in my dressing, shake the container up and add any other goodies to the top that I have on hand like extra veggies and protein. The whole 5 minutes I spend immediately transferring my grocery store goodies in containers saves me so much time during my busy weeks and takes all the thinking out of healthy eating! The best part?? The lettuce stays fresh SO MUCH LONGER! Lettuce kept in its original packaging that would spoil in about 2 days now stays fresh and crispy for at least 6-7 days! WIN!

Salad Prepping

Happy Prepping!
xoxo, Rachel


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