CrockPot Squash

CrockPot Squash

Since buying my new CrockPot, I’ve been exploring healthy new recipes to make. Although I’ve used a CrockPot plenty in the past, I found myself in newfound territory since I’ve been trying to eat clean lately. Simple clean eating proved to be a challenge for me when it came to the CrockPot since most of the dishes that I’m used to making are more down home meals than fresh and fit ones. I hit up some recipes online and in my cookbooks, but those haven’t had a lot of what I’m looking for. So, you guessed it – I’m experimenting!

This CrockPot Squash that I made is incredibly easy, clean and delicious. The best part is that it’s very basic and open for your own taste preferences and creativity.

– Use any squash that you prefer…I used Banana Squash here because it was on sale 🙂 Other popular varieties are Butternut Squash and Spaghetti Squash.

– Cut off the ends/stems, scoop out the seeds inside and place inside the CrockPot… I also had to cut my squash in half so they would all fit inside.

– Pour in your liquid… I used about a cup of chicken broth. Vegetable broth, water and homemade stock are other good options too.

– Put the top on and cook on High for 6 hours… I cook pretty much everything in the CrockPot on this setting because it’s the perfect timing for cooking while I sleep. I assemble and start the CrockPot when I go to bed, then wake up to the smell of home cooking, box it all up and go on with my day, great food in hand!

– When finished, scoop the insides of the squash off the skin and into a bowl.

– Add whatever flavoring you prefer… I added salt, pepper, italian seasoning and garlic. Get creative with this part to make it something you love – add a little butter or margarine to make it more creamy, spice it up with cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes, dice up fresh herbs from the garden.

The end result is kind of a play on mashed potatoes. It’s equip with all the same creamy and delicious elements but made with ingredients that will keep you on track to reaching your health and fitness goals.


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