Motivational Moments

Last week, we did the 1st ever giveaway on The Love Fit Life and asked all our friends and followers to share their motivation for pursuing health and happiness. Motivation has always been an imperative part of my fit life journey. Whether you’re taking the first step off the couch or the final step onto a bikini competition stage, it doesn’t matter – what matters is that you’re moving in the right direction for yourself and your goals. From that first desire to get my fat ass to the gym, to seeing results that made me hungry for more and beyond, our reasons and inspirations to make positive changes are extremely powerful.

You're Closer!

One of the things I’ve loved most since founding The Love Fit Life has been the motivation I’ve received from friends, family and followers. The random message from a friend I’ve lost touch with expressing gratitude for inspiring her to hit the gym after work instead of happy hour. Messaging someone online that I barely know to ask fitness questions and advice about healthy lifestyle choices. The close friend who texts me her healthy meal she’s proud of. The eating experiments my family attempts and reviews. Every journey counts and ultimately, we’re all in this together to motivate, inspire and make the world a better place.

While all the submissions we got were incredibly inspiring and touching, there was one that stood out from the crowd.

Your motivation won our hearts and a brand new Klean Kanteen Insulated all for you 🙂

Leah & Chris

While Leah has put thought, time and energy into pursuing a healthier and happier lifestyle for a while now, she’s finally experiencing the stage of seeing and feeling visible results and changes. Her journey really took off after following a recommendation from her doctor to go gluten free about 3 months ago. The diet change was hugely positive and has left her feeling refreshed, healthy and lighter than she every believed possible. Not only that, but it resolved the issues she was experiencing like getting a sore throat after eating. Not surprisingly, she loves her new way of eating!

In addition to a fresh new form of eating, Leah also began taking barre classes. Her body is responding very well and she loves it! Leah told us that “just last week, my barre instructor mentioned how much more fit I look since I started barre last year, how she’s noticed how good I’m getting at certain moves I never used to be able to do, and my future hubby even took the time to point out how great I look.” That’s right, Leah is also recently ENGAGED! What better motivation than looking picture perfect on your wedding day and starting a healthy and happy new family?!?

Leah, YOU ROCK and we can’t wait to see how your journey continues to unfold. Of course, we also want to see your SLAMMIN wedding pics when the time comes 🙂


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