Live From Australia

Happy New Year and welcome to my first post for The Love Fit Life.  When Rachel first asked me to be involved in this project, and come onboard as the ‘Aussie Globetrotter’, I was initially apprehensive because I am certainly no health-nut or fitness freak. But, when she explained to me that Love Fit Life is all about living life to your fullest and following your passions, I can definitely relate to that lifestyle.

I believe in everything in moderation, and never depriving yourself of life’s pleasures.  Whether that be food, drink or just a good time in general.  The last thing anyone wants to be is a skinny depressed bitch.


So, where do I come from? I live in Melbourne, Australia which is the second largest city after Sydney (you know, the one with the bridge).  And despite what you guys think, we do not ride around on kangaroos or have koalas as pets.  Melbourne is well known as the ‘culture’ city, where people love their arts, food and wine.  Sounds kinda wanky? Not really.  We just love eating good food, drinking a lot and live music.  And sport. Melburniuns love their sport, and is known to be the sports capital of Australia.  From cricket to tennis to football (Australian rules) to rugby, soccer, golf, horse racing, polo and Formula 1, we’ve got it, and we go mad for it.  This definitely affects our culture, because growing up, everyone loves to play sport from an early age.

I think playing sport is a great alternative to ‘working out’, as it’s a fun social activity and gets you outdoors.  It is much less monotonous than running on a treadmill or doing 50 squats.

New Years Tennis

I’ve included an image from New Years, where we had a house by the beach (as it is the height of summer for us) which had a pool and tennis court.  This was key for us, as NY’s celebrations can end up being a massive binge of bad food and too much beer.

Playing tennis was a great way to start the day and snap out of a hangover, and get some exercise whilst on holiday.  We also made an effort to go on long walks/runs on the beach, a ‘romantic’ way to get some vitamin D and work off those Christmas calories.


I think if you make a conscious decision to take care of your health, you will find simple ways everyday to be healthier.  Whether it be to choose grilled instead of fried or walk to the shops instead of jump in your car, every little bit counts.

So, I’m really glad to be able to share a bit about me, what life is like where I come from and contribute to this amazing blog by such an inspiring individual.

Aussie Life

P.S. Like Rachel, I too made a resolution to do a dry January, and made it easily through and feel fabulous. Who knows?! Might even go for Feb Fast?



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