Goal Setting Sundays

I love spending Sundays preparing for the week ahead and connecting with my goals. It gives me an opportunity to center myself and refocus on my priorities before a busy new week… especially after hectic weekends!

My goals come in all shapes and sizes – from remembering to complete a small daily task to accomplishing total mental and physical transformations. The benefits and results I experience from setting goals are not instant metamorphoses. Rather, they often become a series of deliberate self reminders that lead to small, construction, positive changes in my daily routine. While I keep larger goals like a picture on my mental refrigerator, my focus is always centered around this daily routine and the small adjustments that I gradually make.

A day becomes a week and then a month and a year, and within the blink of an eye, you’ve lived a life that we hope is a memory lane of bliss blossoms. The way I see it, the seeds must be planted or that trip is bound to be pretty unfortunate.

Goal - Shorts

So, here’s one of my newest goals to connect with today and work on this week! The reality is, I’ve always been more of a pants person. For as long as I can remember, I haven’t been crazy about my legs which has meant that I mostly wear an assortment of jeans and exercise capris or pants. As my shape has changed and I’ve become more fit, I’ve slowly started trying on some of the clothes I’ve historically stayed away from. Discovering that the body you’ve worked so hard for looks smoking hot in something you used to dread is a powerful source of motivation. While I always encourage a strong inner self, an outer self that also looks and feels the part is a big piece of the puzzle.

For me, a goal like this is exactly what I need to take myself to the next level. The only road to accomplishment is a solid daily routine that tones and tightens my entire body and mind.

To clean eating, finding sweat sexy and making challenges your bitch.
Happy Goal Setting Sunday!



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