8 Little Gems

8 Little Gems

1. Turbo Booster
Trader Joe’s B-6/Folic Acid/B-12
B6 Folic Acid B12
Through high school, threats of not seeing your friends on the weekend fueled the last few pages of math problems. When college arrived and self-discipline had to kick in, many chose high doses of caffeine, hand-me-down notes and the occasional Adderall to power through midterms and finals. Upon graduation and entering the world of full-time jobs and adulthood, the B-6/Folic Acid/B-12 dietary supplement from Trader Joe’s officially comes to the rescue for concentration & energy boosts in the snap of a finger. These kick ass little tablets melt in your mouth and capitalize on the ability of vitamins & minerals to naturally power you up both mentally and physically.
According to Trader Joe’s:
Vitamin B-6 promotes proper protein and fat metabolism and participates in neurotransmitter formation.
Vitamin B-9 (Folic Acid) is necessary for DNA synthesis and red blood cell formation while also protecting against certain birth defects and heart disease.
Vitamin B-12 is necessary for healthy red blood cell development, cell division and nervous system function while also preventing heart disease.

2. Always on Hand
Lemons are my favorite food item to have on hand… why?! Because they’re totally fabulous for so many things:
– Combine with hot or cold water for an extra kick and/or as a substitute for tea bags.
– Drop in the garbage disposal to help as a deodorizer for  anything lingering.
– Use to create your own salad dressing – alone or combined with Balsamic Vinegar, Dijon Mustard & Italian Seasoning is my favorite.
– Rub them on a cutting board to quickly sanitize.
– Squeeze onto cut fruit to reduce the browning effect.

3. Anytime/Anywhere Workout Companion
BodyWorksBand is one of my favorite exercise resources, hands down. It’s a compact little resistance band with an entire workout printed right on it. That’s right, in addition to using this one stop shop anytime at home, you can fold this sucker up practically as small as a business card holder and take it with you to be completely set for working out on vacation or anywhere you might be away from home. Love it!

4. Strong, Long & Totally Gorgeous
Super Collagen+C
Super Collagen + C
I first started taking Super Collagen+C a few years ago as one of many attempts to resolve my battle with nail-biting. To my delightful surprise, these little supplements did in fact strengthen my nails… so much so that it dramatically reduced and almost eliminated my nail-biting issues since they were no longer weak and brittle (in literally less than a week!). On top of that, it also improved my skin and the strength & length of my hair. Although it’s not something I obsessively take with my multi-vitamin every single day, I do take it most days and the more consistently I do, the stronger and more beautiful my hair, skin & nails are.

5. Super Soft & Silky Smooth
Baby Oil
Baby Oil
Granted, it might make your shower/bathtub floor a little slippery, but I love beyond love using baby oil for shaving. After I got comfortable with the slightly increased slippery factor, baby oil quickly became the only shaving product for me – no more fancy shave gels or special lotions… this wonderful bottle is all I need. Why is it so awesome? Well, it’s very inexpensive, a little goes a long way, it forms a protective layer on your skin which means you get a deeper shave with fewer (if any) cuts, and it seals in moisture. The end result? A happy wallet and a super soft & silky body – win, win!

6. Salad Storage Shakers
Ziplock Bags
The challenge I’ve always had with eating salads is keeping the lettuce fresh and efficiently mixing everything together without making a huge mess everywhere. Thank goodness I finally thought of using Ziplock bags for all my salad needs…. As soon as I come home from the grocery story with my lettuce varieties, I divide them up into bags. Each bag gets enough lettuce for 1 large salad. Then, I grab a bag for lunch or dinner, toss any other desired ingredients inside (including dressing), re-seal and just shake it all up. I empty my completed salad onto a plate and I’m ready to eat – no muss, no fuss, no mess!

7. Public Restroom Life Savers
Toilet Seat Covers
Toilet Seat Covers
Ok, so you might think this one is weird, but I always get so excited about toilet seat covers in public restrooms. Aside from their wonderful duty protecting your beautiful bum from the unknown dangers of public toilets, toilet seat covers have some other great possibilities too. One toilet seat cover is soft enough to act as toilet paper if you’re in a bind, 2-3 toilet seat covers together are tough enough to dry your hands if there’s no paper towels left, and best of all, they remove oil from your face if you look shiny (just dab your face/skin lightly)… so freaking fantastic!

8. From Chapped to Cheerful
Olive Oil
Olive OilOlive oil is another one of those things like lemons for me. You can use this bottle of greatness for a lot more than just cooking! Although my favorite “other” use for olive oil is curing chapped lips, cuticles and skin, it’s also great for removing make-up, shaving, as a food supplement for cats to prevent hair balls, shining stainless steel, lubricating hinges to stop squeaking and dusting wood. You know what, olive oil? I’m pretty into you… thanks for being awesome.

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