The LFL Giveaway


We are so excited… SO EXCITED… to be in a new home and reveal all the great resources and team members we’ve been assembling to help you discover and pursue your very own health, happiness and fit life. With so much excitement and tons of things to celebrate, we want to spread the love and get you involved. What better way to do that than to GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF?!? There is no better way… obviously… because free stuff is the shit. So, here’s the deal:

The LFL Giveaway

This week only, tell The Love Fit Life what motivates YOU to pursue health & happiness and you could win your very own Klean Kanteen Insulated (20 oz) in the color of your choice, shipped right to your door. There’s tons of ways to share your motivation and enter to win:

– Post your motivation in a comment on this page
– Instagram a photo of your motivation and tag @TheLoveFitLife #lovefitlife
– Tweet your motivation and tag @TheLoveFitLife #lovefitlife
– Share you motivation on The Love Fit Life Facebook page
– Email your motivation to

All motivations must be submitted by Friday February 8th at midnight for a chance to win.

Start sharing & let’s get this party started!

Rachel & The LFL Team



  1. The Love Fit Life has definitely helped to motivate me! Following along as Rachel pursues her health and happiness goals motivates me to strive towards mine! And makes me believe that I can accomplish them! Thank you!!

  2. What motivates me right now is that I’m turning 25 next month – and I want to look back at my photos from this year when I’m 50 and say – DAMN – I was in the best shape of my life and living a super healthy lifestyle! Then my 50 year old self would give myself a pat on the back for still being healthy and fit 😉

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