Sobriety Checkpoint

I’m very proud to announce that I just passed my 10th day of Starting Sober [30 Day Habit Breaker Challenge] – WOOHOO! Wonderfully fitting as well, my 2nd sober weekend is also the New Year, New You weekend at Pure Barre Pasadena. I feel better than ever and incredibly refreshed and ready to  tackle the 75 minute Abs Intensive class today as well as a 7am hike tomorrow morning with the Pasadena Hiking Pacers.
With each day that passes, I find myself more and more surprised about how wonderful I feel and how obvious it is to the people and world around me. While I had many reasons for spending 30 days sober, I honestly did not anticipate that cutting out a few glasses of wine during the week and vodka sodas on the weekends would affect my mind and body so drastically.
The first 3 days were the most challenging… not because I NEEDED a drink or was even in a setting that I would normally drink alcohol, but because doing something different always feels uncomfortable. The first day of sobriety, I joked with my co-workers that I was successfully sober…… their response was, “do you normally drink before 10:00 a.m.?” The answer was no, but that wasn’t the point. Changing habits effects every minute and every day of your life – regardless if you’re doing it at that moment or not. The reality of the impact that habits have on us is not something that we often recognize or admit to ourselves and others, and can be incredibly important to acknowledge.
My journey has still just begun, but I feel a major shift happening throughout my entire being. I feel more alert, more enthusiastic, more prepared, more perceptive and more open to a positive mindset and physical activity overall.
I can’t lie, I’ve been watching TV, which is something I also set out on eliminating for this 30 day period, but I have cut back a lot. Not only that, but the more days that pass, the less inclined I am to watch TV because I’m more focused on my plans and priorities, I’m more interested in winding down at night with a book in hand, and I’m less attracted to the idea of sitting around because I’d be bored without a drink in hand or snacks to munch on… On that note, the less alcohol in my body has also translated into less desire for mindless snacking… if you ask me that’s a huge WIN!

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