Starting Sober [30 Day Habit Breaker Challenge]

The holidays are officially over and a fresh new year is upon us. Finally, Santa can take a load off while we recover from the holiday food, family and frenzy overdose.
Today, on the 1st day of this glorious new year, our focus shifts to the hopes and aspirations we have yet to conquer and often dream of accomplishing. We envision resolutions that we pray will be responsible for permanent and positive changes lasting years to come. Unfortunately though, our vision often fades throughout the year, leaving us back where we started to wish on that same shooting star from the year before.
Last year, I made a resolution to change the annual cycle of failed ambition and unchecked to-do lists. I set sail in 2012 with a collection of clear goals to focus on for the year and a personal commitment to spend the first 30 days kicking my own ass into high gear. After completing my 30 Day Habit Builder self challenge, I took off running, literally, and had one of the best years of my life. Spending that first month of the year simulating a type of personal boot camp for constructive change was exactly what I needed to set a new tone. This year, I’m chomping at the bit to do it again and can’t wait to experience the results.
Starting Sober
30 Day Habit Breaker
Last year, I focused on building better habits like exercising consistently and prioritizing my passions. This year, I’m focusing on breaking unhealthy habits to propel myself down the path of permanent success and positive change.
For the next 30 days, I’m sobering up.
No alcohol. No television. No nonsense.
While grabbing drinks is fun and seemingly fitting for many occasions, I can’t help but feel like it’s holding me back. A glass of wine with girlfriends leads to vodka sodas until last call and a day of recovery required; A to-do list sits unmarked because a drink during your favorite TV show is vastly more appealing; A personal goal remains unclaimed as we fall back into making the same poor decisions we’ve repeatedly sworn off.
Drinking has become such a social staple that we seem to forget what life feels like without it too. Instead of facing reality, we choose to mistreat our bodies and avoid confrontation about addiction and self control. The last few weeks though, I’ve been realizing something… I am not an addict, and that’s something I should practice and be proud of. I do drink too much (based on my personal opinion) but I can stop… and for some reason, I can’t remember the last chunk of time that I did.
 I want to wake up on Sunday mornings to go hiking.
I want to curl up with a candle and a great book on a Friday night.
I want to feel refreshed and alive, every single day.
I want to save money and spend it on something worth more than a headache the next day.
I want to finish what I start and perform at maximum productivity.
I want to practice self control and be proud of a life enjoyed in moderation.
I want to remember every wonderful moment of my life, because it’s all mine and that’s awesome.
Happy New Year!

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