Gifting Health & Happiness

The holidays are upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’ve just barely begun shopping for gifts. Not to fear, Love Fit Life is here!
Passing on the gift of health, fitness and general wellness is something I love… obviously. However, one of the reasons I love it so much is because of the happiness these gifts have brought me as a recipient! Don’t be afraid to use gifting as a way to encourage and motivate both yourself and the people you love. Making good choices and prioritizing health is a group effort, so jump up and lead the way. Here are some of my favorites – they range from inexpensive to a bit more costly, because we all know that wallet size and wish lists vary!
Massages & Spa Treatments

If there’s one thing I’ve always known, it’s that massages and spa treatments are the bees knees. Gifting these things doesn’t have to be insanely expensive either. Check out Groupon and Living Social for specials or go straight to a no nonsense massage spot like one of these for a great gift certificate:
Some ideas of places to Yelp or look up in your area are reflexology (which is basically like a massage where you keep your clothes on and have your feet in a nice bath of warm water), blow out salons (where there just wash and blow dry/style your hair – great for women to use for a special event or party), manicures & pedicures, facials, and the list goes on!
The Happiness Project Journals
I received The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal as a gift this year and oh my goodness I want everyone in the world to have it. It’s perfect for ANYONE (especially people on the go) and it’s literally the only way I’ve consistently been able to journal ever in my life. Each day of the year has its own page, outfitted with an inspirational quote and a space for one sentence, five years in a row. One sentence a day is a piece of cake, and as each year progresses, you can read what you wrote for that day the year before (or 4 years before by the time you’re done). To top it off, it sells for $10-20 depending where you buy it (check out Amazon for great online deals) – Awesome, right?!
Also check out the Q & A a Day journal (versions available for both adults and children) if you can’t get enough or want more things like this!

Want to see a bunch of great versions and so much more in person?
Find a Paper Source near you and enjoy!

Exercise Classes & Equipment

Last year, my incredible friend Emily handed me a card and wouldn’t let go until explaining that she was really excited about doing this gift together and hoped I didn’t take it the wrong way. I was a little uneasy after hearing such a disclaimer, but opened the card to find the perfect gift! She had purchased a Groupon for me as a gift, and another for herself so we could take 10 Cardio Barre classes together. We had such a great time going to classes together and trying out something new. Not only that, but it heightened my interest in barre style classes which has led me to Pure Barre!

At my home studio, Pure Barre Pasadena, there are a plethora of holiday deals, gifts and class packages that are perfect for gifting to anyone and everyone! Even clients who want studio merchandise can create a wish list that will be emailed to their family and friends. Easy, breezy, beautiful! The Pure Barre Pasadena Facebook page is a great place to keep up with all the holiday excitement going on now. 

Juicers, Blenders & Beyond

Don’t ever hesitate to give the gift of home appliances that will allow your loved ones to make healthier choices. Since I actively advocate and enjoy smoothies and fresh fruit & vegetable juices, I love buying people the tools to join me and make their own! Even though you don’t necessarily blend or juice together, that doesn’t mean it’s not an exciting group project. I love texting my friends what’s in my juice or smoothie for the day and planning out what the rest of the week will entail. Not surprisingly, it keeps all of us more accountable and eager to set positive goals that will be more easily fulfilled.

The other great thing about gifting a blender or juicer is they come in all different price ranges and quality levels. You don’t need to give the best of the best of the best (SIR!) – just focus on getting them started and the thought that counts. My first blender was a piece of crap, but it got me hooked and I eventually did my own research and told all my family and friends exactly which one I wanted for an upcoming holiday.

Another great home appliance that comes in all shapes and sizes?! George Foreman grills! These handy dandy cooking machines are great for anyone trying to make healthier eating choices. They cook a LOT of different foods, they cook everything quickly and require little clean up. Not quite sure what a George Foreman grill is?? It’s ok… we all have to start somewhere – Wikipedia to the rescue!

This holiday season, I wish you…
the gift of peace from within, the courage to make the healthier choice, the calming effect of 3 deep breaths, the reward of practicing patience, the priority of self worth and personal commitment, the relief of a wonderful workout, the joy and laughter from enjoying irreplaceable company and loved ones, the power of a positive attitude and the awareness that this moment and the lifetime that follows is meant to be lived and loved, forever!


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