2 Week Bikini Body Makeover

In 2 weeks, I’ll be setting sail on my very 1st cruise… and that’s not even the most exciting part! Believe it or not, I was invited by my incredible friend Chanel. We’ll be going to the Bud Light Port Paradise Festival that she WON tickets for through Young the Giant… her favorite band… and now mine! With such short notice for a once in a lifetime adventure, I had to get my shit together! Between making sure I have enough wife beaters and cut off shorts to fit in on a Bud Light sponsored cruise (I kid, I kid) and all the millions of other things on my plate, the thought of getting bikini ready seemed daunting. BUT, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I want to look picture perfect and feel jiggle free in my bikini when we we’re living it up on the boat, listening to great live music, and winking at our (hopefully) sexy Captain. Thus, the preparation must commence.
For me, the 2 Week Bikini Body Makeover isn’t about losing weight, it’s about looking great and feeling my best. At the same time, it’s also about staying healthy. I know there’s a lot of people out there who go on extreme diets and workout plans to prepare for big events and vacations, but that’s not me.

YES, getting your ass in gear to feel like the most confident you possible in a mere 2 weeks will be challenging and will certainly require changes to your daily routine.
NO, I won’t lie to you like most magazines and pretend you can do this super amazing awesome quick 10 minute workout 3 times a week and all of a sudden look totally different.
YES, you will have to dramatically change what you’re eating and how you’re exercising to see rapid results.
NO, it’s not impossible to make visible changes in 2 weeks.
YES, if you really want it, you will do it.
YES, you sound stupid when you complain about it.
YES, you should suck it up and get your best bikini body ever…. starting now.

**If you can’t pick it or kill it, don’t eat it**
– Eliminate all processed foods. Yes, that’s probably most of what you eat on a daily basis… you will live, I promise.
– Drink as close to NO alcohol as possible.
– No carbs after 5:00 p.m.
– Drink a full glass of water before every meal.Feel like “what the hell am I going to eat?!?” after reading that? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to eat and I’m sure you’ll be surprised about how full you stay when you’re filling your body with wonderfully nutritious foods! Here’s some of the foods I focus on eating to stay within the guidelines above:

– Fruit (don’t forget there are lots of great carbs in fruit!)
– Veggies
– Eggs
– Lean Meats (i.e. chicken, turkey, lean ham, lean beef, etc…)
– Beans & Legumes
– Chickpeas
– Fish
– Nuts
– Whole Grains (i.e. quinoa, brown rice, farro, etc…)
– Tofu & Soy products

**Sweat Every Day**
(as Under Armour would say)

My 2 weeks are FULL of exercise. I’m not going to give you a special science for exercising… the bottom line in, YOU MUST EXERCISE – cardio, toning, stretching, the whole deal! Don’t overdo it, but also remember we’re doing a hardcore 2 weeks and aiming for visible results. Whether you have a gym membership, a great fitness studio in town, a workout class you love, a friend who can help you train, YouTube or Hulu videos to do at home workouts, magazine cut outs of workout routines, the great outdoors and your own body weight, or anything else in between, it’s all good in the hood!

Here’s my week of planned exercise in case you need a sample:

Pure Barre class (55 minutes) & Crossfit style workout with the amazing Pasadena Fire Department

3 mile run with the Dog Haus Running Club

Pure Barre class (55 minutes)

Elliptical intervals & treadmill jog @ LA Fitness (45-60 minutes)

Pure Barre class (55 minutes)


Yoga (60-90 minutes)

Oh and before you even say you don’t have time for an exercise schedule like this… YOU DO! My schedule is literally overflowing with work, commitments and obligations – not excuses. Your 2 weeks starts now, get going girlfriend!

I can do it, you can do it, and we’re going to look DAMN FINE in our bikinis in 2 weeks!




  1. ahhh my friends are friends with Young the Giant. SO JEALOUS! have an amazing time and I know you'll look GREAT

  2. I will start ASAP! Love you!!

  3. YEAHHHH GIRL!! We are going to look mighty fine on those sandy beaches in the Bahamas. I Can't Wait!

  4. i need this in my life, i will try this for my trip to the dominican republic…hopefully it works so i can post about it 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to hear how it went and i hope you enjoy(ed) your trip!! Thank you so much for supporting LFL 🙂

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