5 On-The-Go Food Favorites

Yah, me too bro… it happens, but we can get through it together. For me, that feeling typically leads to unhealthy habits, eating out and feeling yucky. Keeping good snacks in mind and on hand have proven to be successful tools for me to be healthy on the go and under pressure.
Snacking is a good thing too – it helps prevent overeating, stabilizes our blood sugar levels throughout the day and keeps our metabolism up. The trick is snacking on the right foods. The more we snack on unhealthy processed foods, the less likely we are to stay energized and fit. Here are 5 of my on-the-go favorites:
Hard boil these protein packed little suckers and you’re ready for any snooze morning or otherwise! Not quite sure how to make them? It’s cool, they’re super easy to do and they perfectly accompany a night watching T.V. or working on your computer. Here’s how you do it:
Put as many eggs as you want in the bottom of a saucepan. I like to make a full single layer on the bottom of the pan – it’s usually about 8-9 eggs.
Fill the saucepan with water – fill it just about half and inch above the eggs. Add a bit of salt (to help the water boil faster) and put the filled saucepan on the stove at medium/high heat.
Go do your thing while keeping an eye on the pan – you’re waiting for it to boil. 
After the water boils for about 2 minutes, turn off the heat and cover it with a top… and don’t even give me those dumb excuses about not having a saucepan lid that fits – use your head dude, grab a plate, a baking sheet, a larger lid if you have it, etc… Anything that will trap the heat as much possible.
Set your phone timer for 15 minutes and go back to doing your thing. Timer goes off, you carefully pour the water out, run your little egg friends through cold water for a minute before drying and putting them into the fridge. 
Not sure what kind of container to store them in? I like to boil an even number of eggs so I can just cut the carton in 2 pieces (1 that will be labeled as “hard boiled” and the other that will continue holding the raw eggs).
Muscle Milk Light Chocolate
I like grabbing these 4 packs of protein shakes at the grocery store because they’re perfect on the way out the door and give me a great boost before or after a workout. Plus, they don’t taste nearly as bad compared to most protein shakes (in my opinion).
Cheese Single Portion Squares
I love these little portion sized cheese squares that are sold at most grocery stores. They usually come in a bag with lots of individually wrapped squares and are available in several varieties. The creamy texture of the cheese really helps me feel full and energized too – into it.
Apples & Bananas
We all know we’re supposed to eat more fruits and veggies, but that can be challenging sometimes. Luckily, apples and bananas are among the bunch that are perfect snack buddies. The thing I love about apples and bananas is that they’re always available, filling and fantastic for taking on the road. Even better, they’re typically the only fruit or veggie option available at places that make healthy eating very difficult, like MacDonalds, gas station & convenience stores, hotels, etc…
Campbell’s Classic Tomato Soup on the Go
As we start cozying up to fall and winter, soup is a must for me. While I prefer making it from scratch at home, these classic tomato soup cups are awesome. They’re perfect for lunch or dinner on the go when I have less than 5 minutes to find food and eat!
 Get It?
Got It?
Go Snacking!

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